Latest Lions Cap Update!

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Since my last report the following items concerning the Lions cap have occured. First, on March 17th any player who signed up for the lions voluntary workout program gets paid $6,720 over 14 weeks ($480 a week) if they don't already have a workout bonus stated in their contract. This workout bonus does count against the cap, but only the top 51 contracts count right now, so 17 players have a contract low enough to not have their workout bonuses count against the cap. 


On March 24th, Dwayne White re-worked his contract, taking his salary of $2 million down to vet minimum of $605 thousand. I assume the balance was paid as a new signing bonus, gets allocated over the 4 years remaining of his contract, and that the Lions had to do something so they had the cap to sign Gilbert Gardner (which was a minimum wage signing and didn't need much cap to do).  I have no reason to think my assumptions are wrong. Thus, I upped my guesstimate of Brian Kelly's signing bonus to match the scenario I painted above... a few thou short of being able to sign Gardner, then the new contract for White, then Gilberts minimum wage deal. Also, by adding one more man to the roster, another contract (along with the workout bonus tied to that player) no longer counts against the cap. 


On March 26th Alfred Fincher was signed. His minimum wage salary (for a 4th year player) was $520,000. I assume there was no signing bonus. Thus his salary counts against the cap for now, but another lesser contract and corresponding workout bonus does not count. 


Lions cap is probably $688,033 as of April 7th if my guesses are correct. 


This number is somewhat confirmed at;jsessionid=04C9CD485A3A17F992C44B2BB4F33670?id=09000d5d8079422d&template=with-video&confirm=true One should note though, that in this article there are some assumptions made that indicate the author didn't take into account some future issues, most notably the removal of a $4 million cap hit on June 1st for Kalimba Edwards' contract. 


As I'm writing this I find that the Lions are making some more small roster moves that I will need to adjust for. Those transactions will be listed at when their site is updated.