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Latest news on the Cory Redding contract negotiations: look for Redding to sign around July 15!

There is a lot of talk among the Detroit Lions fan base about when Cory Redding will sign his contract and get into Allen Park. Heightening the unrest is the issues that now face Shaun Rogers. Well I have the latest and here it is.

Handling the negotiations with Cory and his agent is the Lions Sr. Vice President and Assistant GM Martin Mayhew. Mayhew is an up and comer in the NFL and I know for a fact got a lot of consideration down with the Texans when they recently were looking for an upgrade in their upper management. Mayhew is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but more important than that, he is smart and he has the respect of the players.

I talked with Mayhew late last week and asked about the negotiations with Cory and he had this to say, “Things right now are going about as good as can be expected. I know a lot of people would like to see him here (referring to OTA’s) but he wouldn’t have been here even if he had signed because he is back in school finishing his degree.”

Now there are other considerations that go into this deal both for Redding and for the Lions. With the franchise tag, if the Lions do not sign him before the July 16 deadline to a long-term deal then they have to exercise the tag and pay him the average of the top five contracts at his DT position. The Lions and Redding would want the long-term deal. The devil we all know is the details and it is finding that common ground figure. Mayhew talked about that also with me on Friday, “July 16 is the deadline for us to get a long term deal so I would expect it to get down right before that.” So I asked if he was thinking about July 15 to which he responded, “That sounds just about right.”

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If a long-term deal is not done, then you can expect Redding to show up sometime before September 9, but how soon is not yet known. If a long-term deal is not done, it is hard to tell if a lot of what I am hearing is simple saber rattling or not. I think it will get done just before the deadline and I couldn’t be more confident knowing that Mayhew is on the job.Â

Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes open, Mayhew is one of the best in the business and is a rising star, ironically just like Redding.