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Lions Daily Update and Transcript of Marinelli's Talk with the Media


  • The Lions had a full-squad practice this afternoon in helmets and shorts on the outdoor field at the team's headquarters and practice facility in Allen Park. This week's practice routine is intended to simulate the regular season. 
  • The team released DE Claude Harriott, DB Stephen Howell, C Carroll Madison, LB Tyrone Pruitt and K Dave Rayner as they reduced their roster to meet the NFL-mandated 75-player roster limit. After Thursday's game at Buffalo, the Lions will be reqiured to release 22 players by 4 PM on Saturday, August 31, to meet the NFL-mandated 53-player roster limit.


On if he would be announcing the five roster cuts: "Yeah, they were Claude Harriott, Stephen Howell, (Carroll) Madison, (Tyrone) Pruitt and (Dave) Rayner."

On how confident he is K Jason Hanson is 100%: "Yeah, yeah that's according to the trainers."

On if TE Dan Campbell will be out for Thursday's game: "I would think so, right now."

On if S Daniel Bullocks is out for Thursday's game: "No, as of right now, up. He's ready to go. He's felt good."

On the importance of getting the running game going: "I think it's critical, all those three or four areas we talked about. I don't want to let up in any area. It doesn't matter. This is reducing penalties, protecting the quarterback, running the ball; the run fits have got to be exact. Because there will be guys in there competing for jobs right now. And we have to see who we can trust."

On putting more concentration on the running game than the passing game: "Yeah, a little bit, I think. We want to see who can run block. Not just running the ball, but who can do it. We got battles still going out there - and just see guys who can move their feet, and get their proper pointing aim and get movement."

On how many starters he expects to sit: "It will be a few. We'll hit it again and just make sure. We got to look at the injury report and see how many guys. You have to be careful because all of a sudden if somebody's sitting, and that other guy is banged up a little bit and can't finish. So we got to make sure with all of that."

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On if he is more worried about injuries during this year's preseason than in previous years: "No, I don't think so. We've hit probably as much as anybody in the league. What I try to do game day, you have to be smart."

On being more cautious during preseason games this year: "Yeah, it's a fine-edged sword - getting a guy game-shape ready. A sprained ankle here or there and a guy is out for three weeks. You just try to find the right mix, all the way through it. It's on my mind, to do it right."

On if he knows yet the role QB Drew Henson will play in Thursday's game: "Not really, I think he's going to play. We have to see how much he can retain right now. But we've got to be able to - I just don't want to play Danny (Orlovsky) the whole game."

On if he thinks QB Drew Henson is a quick learner: "I can't tell you. It would be unfair to make a decision that quick with him."

On if he might play Henson for a full half: "It's possible. We'll see how this whole thing works out for us. We're trying to get him ready to get some snaps in."

On if he wants to rest QB Dan Orlovsky a little in Thursday's game: "Oh, no question."

On if he's decided whether or not QB Jon Kitna will play against Buffalo: "No, we haven't talked about it yet."

On if he's looking forward to the preseason ending and the regular season starting: "I think the biggest thing is I don't want to wish my life away. I'm looking forward to tomorrow."