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Lions Daily update from Camp


  • The Lions had two full-squad practices today at the team's headquarters and practice facility in Allen Park. The team wore pads during the morning workout on the outdoor fields and practiced in helmets and shorts for the afternoon session on the indoor field.
  • TE Casey FitzSimmons saw a hand/wrist specialist today who confirmed the earlier prognosis (fractured wrist). FitzSimmons, who is expected to be out for the next 4-6 weeks, will not require surgery.
  • The team also announced today that they have signed TE Jed Weaver. In 2005, Weaver spent training camp with the New England Patriots but was waived September 3 and did not play during the regular season. He was drafted by Philadelphia out of Oregon in the seventh round (208th overall) of the 1999 NFL Draft and started 10 games for the Eagles as a rookie. Weaver spent the next three seasons (2000-02) with the Miami Dolphins before playing the 2003 season with San Francisco. He joined the Patriots for the 2004 season.
  • TE Dan Campbell, LB Teddy Lehman and WR Scottie Vines remain on the PUP list and did not practice today. 
  • WR Roy Williams did not participate in the morning workout but practiced during the afternoon session. TE Casey FitzSimmons, DT Shaun Rogers, RT Barry Stokes, RT Rex Tucker and RG Damien Woody missed both practices today.

Opening Statement:
"What we tried to get done today was to come back in our pads and get some real good physical work. I was very pleased with that. Very workman-like practice - that's the thing I really like. Workman-like practice is what we do. We came out and had a good run drill and we still want to work on our base run - run the ball with authority and defend it. We got good blitz work; blitz against the run. All those situations are coming up for us and all we're still working on. Nothing else I want to think about other than this practice and this afternoon's practice. The issue is us. Guys that we have out are Dee McCann - just a shoulder; day-to-day. Roy's (Williams) ribs - day-to-day; it's a bruise. Casey's (FitzSimmons) at the doctors now, so we'll find out a little later. Boss (Bailey) has got a little tightness in the hamstring, so we didn't want to push it and got him out."

On if this is what he means by getting back to fundamentals early in the week beginning with Mondays: "Yeah, every day. Because what can happen in the preseason is you start preparing for the game too early and you're preparing for the opponent. I want to prepare against us - our tempo; our tackling; our run defense; how we do things. That's really important to me, so we'll do that all day today, all day tomorrow and then we'll take a look at the next opponent."

On how good of blockers his running backs are: "What I've seen so far - very, very solid. Cory (Schlesinger) is solid, (Shawn) Bryson is solid, Kevin Jones - they're all very good. It's not so much the physical part of it, It's understanding where all the stuff is coming from. That's the key part. You have to be able to do it all because they've got the health of our quarterback at their risk in not just terms of fundamentals but assignments. That's why we have a blitz period everyday - vest on vest. Then we have blitz versus a run, because if you don't defend the run with your blitz - if you don't fit it correctly - you'll get gashed on the running game. I want to stop the run. I made that statement from the first day I was here and I'll make it forever. That's what I believe in. I want to run the ball with authority because I know we'll do those other things well."

On if he plans on using QB Dan Orlovsky as the No. 2 quarterback: "I think we're going to look at that as the week goes on. We're going to talk about all that stuff Wednesday night. The first two days of this game week - Monday and Tuesday - I just want to see us improve. That's what I'm out here about; not to make them comfortable. Just put our pads on and go to work."

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On if he's encouraged by the competition between Orlovsky and QB Josh McCown at quarterback: "I'm encouraged at that position; I'm encouraged with the nose tackles; the undertackles; the left guard position; the center; the corners - I like it all."

On what specifically each quarterback brings to the table: "They both have great arms, great feel for the game; accurate. They've got all the intangibles, so we just let it play out and keep putting them in situations and let the thing play out as we go on. They'll make the decision."

On if there is a lot of 'hunger' at that position: "Oh yeah. We got one guy starting along whose a heck of a quarterback and Dan is hungry, and that's what you want. I'm seeing that in all other positions, not just the quarterback. I see it in the nose tackle position - man, you should look at that battle. You're looking at the wrong battle sometimes. The really interesting, the grunt work - you're missing that."

On how much of advantage RB Arlen Harris has coming into this system: "Just like Tyoka Jackson would have an advantage - he played for me in Tampa and he understands what we want to do. Corey Bradford played for (Wide Receivers Coach) Kippy (Brown) and kinda understands that. Rex Tucker played for (Mike) Martz in St. Louis. So yeah, not just that position, but for other guys, there's a comfort level. We've had voluntary mini-camp, rookie mini-camp, mandatory mini-camp, 16 days of OTA's and all this camp. So guys should be caught up pretty soon."

On how he would rate the play of Harris: "I think what he did the first game was very good. He had a very good football game. He caught the ball well; ran the ball well; very efficient in what he's doing."

Courtesy of the Detroit Lions