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Lions Head Coach Marinelli interview after last rookie mini-camp

On his overall impression leaving this mini-camp:
"I loved how the energy was really good - every practice I thought we got a little bit better. Not just the energy and the tempo, but the details. We found some guys in there I think. You never know, it's not padded and all of those things. The energy and the tempo, the coaches did a great job. I feel very good about it."

On what chances some of the tryout players have to be signed as rookie free agents: "We've got to sit down as a staff and talk about all of the guys that we looked at. There's a couple (tryout players) that really jumped out at us and then some of the (rookie) free agent signings. You start looking at these guys and as you know, players come from everywhere. We're excited about it. I just really like the process."

On whether there has been any progress with the potential signing WR Az-Zahir Hakim: "Not yet. We had a chance to visit with him two days ago. He came in and I had a great visit with him - we'll just see where we're at."

On whether there is interest in Hakim: "Yeah. We were just talking to him and now we'll just let our heels cool for a little bit and see where we go from here."

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On whether there were any tryout or rookie free agents that stuck out to him in this camp: "No. 5 (Devale Ellis) really jumped out. He's real quick; good speed; explosive. That was exciting, seeing some of these kids (tryout). Some of the free agent signees really kind of popped out but again, it's built more for a skill camp too. Receivers and (defensive backs) can shine a little bit more and you've got to be a little bit smarter with the down guys but at least you can see some of the movement."

On whether they'll sign those tryout players who stood out or just invite them to another camp: "What you do now is just sit down as a staff and see who we really want to bring in and what it looks like. We'll add, hopefully, one or maybe two of the tryout guys to the rest of our offseason (program). Then they can come in and compete with our veterans."

On what he liked about OL Frank Davis (South Florida): "Big, athletic man. He comes in with a lot of pass blocking background. Really I think movement-wise, the biggest thing is to just see what kind of run-blocker he can be. You can see him, he's 329 pounds; he's a big strong man and raw - which all of these guys will be."

On the possibility of guys like T Jonathan Scott, G Fred Matua and Davis competing to make the final roster: "Yes, they've got a chance. You bring them in to compete in camp but what you like (right now) is the size and the movement. That's what has gotten me excited about some of these guys. If you get too excited too quick, then you get in pads and they can't block anybody. You want to see the base stuff that they've got (right now). I loved how they work and that's important."