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Opening statement: "Shaun Rogers is kind of week-to-week right now. It's a sprain - a sprain in his shoulder. Jon McGraw has some knee soreness right now; they're looking at him to make sure everything is okay. Boss, we're taking him just one day at a time; one practice a day, that's all we're doing. He's working in the 7-on-7 (drills). We're just trying to be smart with it and work him in. Shaun Cody is making good progress. He's probably a day or so away and he's running pretty good right now. Other than that, I think we're doing okay. James Hall still has (a hamstring injury); he's getting some work but we just want to be smart with that."Other than that, the guys came out this morning and I thought the effort, attitude and all of those things were good. The execution is getting better and better under duress - that's what we're looking for. It's easy to go out and execute and feel good under a nice big umbrella, but it's tough under these conditions. That's our big emphasis: go out and do your job under some adverse conditions. It's been good so far. We've just got to keep working."

On positions where he sees good competition: "There are some real good battles, I think, at the nose tackle position. Marcus Bell has had a very strong camp. Damian Gregory is in there. We've got some real good competition in there. The (defensive) end position, we've got some good battles. All three of those ends are pretty good players. There's some competition at the safety (position). It's a hungry football team right now and we're just going day-to-day."

On QB Dan Orlovsky getting some reps with the second team: "They're both (Orlovsky and Josh McCown) working in there. They're competing; they're doing a nice job. He's (Orlovsky) a big, young, strong-armed man; he's a gym-rat - he's here all of the time. He's working and he's earning some reps; both of those guys are working with both groups. He's (Orlovsky) done a very good job."

On whether Orlovsky has a chance to win the backup quarterback job: "He's got a chance. He's going to go in there and he's doing a good job of competing. They're in there banging pretty good."

On WR Shaun Bodiford: "Our scouts did a great job finding him (first of all); but we loved him (in the rookie mini-camps). He flashed on us. Because of school, you know how certain schools end differently, we weren't able to get him in any OTAs and he's way behind; but he's a very talented guy. He's coming into camp here and he's fast and he works. He's earned the right to be looked at and has earned the right to get some good reps."

On why they moved Dave Pearson from guard to tight end: "To take a look at him; to get a big, massive blocker over there. I think we have a chance to be a good running football team - you can see that. I like our offensive line; they're good tough veterans. (I like) our backs. The system is really good. We'll get some other guys in there we're looking at and he might have a chance to have a physical presence over there; we're just taking a look at him and seeing what he can do right now. We've just got to let him see it. We just moved him there so you let him get in there and work and see how it looks."

"I think Coach Martz is great. You look within our team (and see) who can do this or who can do that; can this guy fit in this package. So you hopefully have a chance to take advantage of all these guys' strengths. It puts everybody in position (to make this team)."

"At least he (Pearson) got his hands on the ball."

On DT Shaun Rogers: "It's week-to-week; it's a sprained shoulder."

On whether there's any concern with Shaun Rogers: "Well yeah, he's not practicing - that's a concern. It's week-to-week. They (the trainers) feel that he'll be fine. He's sore; there's a little discomfort from it. It's just week-to-week and I hope we'll get him back here soon."

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On whether injuries have changed the dynamic on the interior defensive line: "No - really, it helps to… you're really working on developing some great depth right now. Marcus Bell is in there and he's having a good camp. Damian (Gregory) is in there banging and Tyoka (Jackson) is in there. So those guys are getting quality work. We'll see how it all develops."

On DE James Hall: "He's still got a hamstring; he's day-to-day."

On what he has planned for Saturday night's public practice at Ford Field: "I want it to be what we're doing here. It's really important - I never want to waste these guys' time… We've got some things planned for a good 9-on-7, kind of what we do. We might have a chance to move the ball a little bit in some two-minute drills."

On whether Saturday night will be like what the media has been seeing in camp so far: "Pretty much the same. We might have a chance to move the ball in some situations - two-minute drills and stuff like that. I don't want to change, I just want to keep getting our work in and they're used to the routine right now."

On whether they'll be in pads Saturday night: "Yes, we (will)."

On whether the fans will see a real practice: "Yeah. I'm just hoping that the environment changes but our attitude doesn't. If things change around us, we just do what we do. That's what I'm trying to do. Wherever it's at, let's just do what we do."

On whether he's concerned at all about defensive depth: "Yeah, there's concern - but we'll get these guys back and then we won't (be concerned). We have a couple guys nicked up right now. They'll get back and then we'll have good depth. That's why you bring 13 linemen to camp. You've got some linebackers… Boss' has started working and we're waiting for Teddy. You've got to work through it. You've got who you got; just keep working it. One thing I talk to them about is: there's some good out of that in that there's some adversity there; we just can't worry about it, we can't think about it because we can't change it. All we can do is play. I don't want to worry about that. Tough things happen; things happen to good teams every year. You've just got to move on and just go. I don't have the time to give you an excuse or an explanation. We've just got to move on."

On CB Stanley Wilson getting in more work: "Oh yeah. He's been doing good - really solid. Just good solid work; I'm pleased with him."

On Wilson and CB Keith Smith getting additional work due to injuries: "It's a chance. Guys go down for a little bit and it gives these other guys opportunities to compete every day."

On whether Wilson is more physical than what he thought: "No, he's about what I thought he was. He's doing a good job."

Courtesy of the Lions