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Lions look terrible here in Oakland

August 25, 2006

Oakland. CA

The Lions come into the crucial third pre-season game looking for some answers. How will the team respond to some adversity in arriving only on the day of the game (10:30 A.M. EST) and will the defense step up and get some stops? All of that leads to a great atmosphere for tonight’s game here in beautiful Oakland.

The Raiders wasted no time playing Raider ball and Brooks hit Randy Moss for a 63-yard TD strike. That put the Lions in a whole early but it certainly didn’t mean the game was over. The offensive line gave Kitna lots of time during the first drive, he held the ball for a long time and got a sack but it certainly wasn’t the lines issue. 

The night turned out to be (especially the first half) for lack of a better word: “a turd.” “I totally agree with that, I just don’t think we did much, no one needs to be blowing this off as just another pre-season loss, they all hurt and we should have done better,” said Lions center Dominic Raiola. “The sky isn’t falling and it’s not the end of the world, but yeah tonight is unacceptable,” was the thoughts of Lions QB Jon Kitna.

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The Lions did have some bright spots and low spots here are some random thoughts:



  1. Eddie Drummond played very well. He had a huge tackle with a monster hit on the opening kickoff and he was great in the slot with some nice catches.  He did catch a punt inside the ten. A no no but again played a nice game!
  2. Daniel Bullocks got the start and although he made some rookie mistakes (and they all do) looked fairly solid and did show off his upside.
  3. Fernando Bryant continued to get burned by Moss and anyone else that wanted a shot. I like him and I have absolutely no issues with him, he is a good guy but the experiment with him at CB has to be close to done. He simply has not performed at the level his contract has given him and the Lions are in SERIOUS trouble with him on the corner. The Raiders knew it and we made Brooks look like a Pro Bowler, and let me tell you he isn’t one!
  4. Stupid penalties cost some drives to stall, but if you want a bright spot, the O line gave Kitna and Orlovsky time.Â
  5. Shaun Bodiford missed a great opportunity to down a punt deep inside the Raiders 5 but just missed it. Again a rookie mistake but that just can’t be let go at this level. Those mistakes in the NFL cost games.
  6. The defensive line was just lit up. I mean on the draws especially (a continuing trend) it just couldn’t stop anything. The Raiders broadcast team was all over it.
  7. Marcus Bell is just not the answer. I have given him his props but he was over manned and manhandled last night. To be frank it was very embarrassing for him.
  8. My boy Shaun Cody continued to play very well; he got two huge 3rd down sacks that stopped drives. I have told you all that he will do very well and I still say that. He is such a great kid and his motor doesn’t stop.  On the last play of the third quarter, he was attacking on a bull rush, he had the vision and football smarts to be reading the play and come back for a huge tackle on the rusher.  That kind of stuff shows me something.
  9. Charles and Mike Williams didn’t play and Charles didn’t even dress…enough said!
  10. I love Kitna and think he will do fine, but he looked down a receiver and that cost an interception and he also got a sack after the O line held on for a long time.  He should have thrown it away.
  11.  Dre’ Bly didn’t play well.  He missed an open field tackle that he shouldn’t of and horsed around with guys in the Raiders sideline during a game in which they were getting their butts kicked.  You can’t run your mouth Dre’ about Joey and not show leadership.  I actually had a player mention that he saw that also and he didn’t appreciate it.
  12. The defensive backfield is in trouble.  At one point Moss caught a TD with a LB on him.  A linebacker on Randy Moss??  Pathetic.  Henderson is the answer, make no doubt about it, but that group needs to do a gut check.  Henderson may not have the tools to fix it, but he can and will.  He will not tolerate such unemotional play and such sloppy effort.
  13.  It was great to see Boss make a great open field tackle and show off his speed.  With him healthy that will be very good.