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Lions vs. Bengals tonight...what to look for!

What to look for with the Lions first pre-season game tonight!

This Lions camp has been one of note in that no fines, fights or altercations have broken out. The guys are all approaching this with a real sense of business and that is a good thing. Here are some things that we all need to be looking at tonight.  I invite all of you to write your review of the Lions game tonight and I will post some of them. In the meantime here are some things that I am looking for tonight.


  1. How will IAF play? Tonight will be his chance to show some things. Now let me say that I am not expecting him to be a world changer at this point, but this is when he gets to do his thing and I want to see how far along he is.
  2. I want to see the entire front four starters get pressure on the QB!
  3. Pre-season games are not really game planned like a regular season games. They will devise scenarios in certain situations to get looks at guys. I want to see those match ups that the coaches create because they tell you the questions and issues that the staff has with players.
  4. JTO is getting a lot of press but I am not sold on the young man. I am intrigued because there are a lot of guys that can practice but how can they play. JTO has been with a lot of teams and not stuck around for a reason.
  5. How is Gerald Alexander adjusting to the new defense? He is going to be good but he needs some time to develop. How far is his development?
  6. I am a Fernando Bryant guy. Since coming to the Lions he has been injury bit and I want to see him with those 10-15 reps at the start. How are his feet and balance?
  7. Keep a keen eye on Woody and Peterman.
  8. I want to see how Kitna does holding the ball. Granted it won’t be the fourth quarter of a real game but has he addressed that problem.
  9. Paging Bailey…Boss?
  10. Purely from a sick, testosterone fueled attitude I want to see Ernie Sims jack someone up. It has been way too long.
  11. Alex Lewis will get a lot of PT and I want to see it. I have liked him a long time and I enjoy watching him play.
  12. My biggest concern is the CB play and I will watch intently every play they have.
  13. Two words: Theo Spight! Who is he? He is more affectionately known as Gridiron by the Lions faithful, but he is a good friend and is the man who wears the hard hat and sings when the Lions score. The more he sings the better the game has gone. MEMO to Millen: just let the dude sing the national anthem at each game.
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Obviously those are things that most people will be watching and there are other issues, but for now that is what I will put out. Make sure you take time to write your game reviews for me.