Lions - Week 2 Random Thoughts

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  1. If the Lions do not win 9 games, (unless he has an early season injury) Joey will not be the starting QB next season. I predict that Joey throws for 26 TD’s and 15 interceptions.
  2. I predict that Kevin Jones gets 1,600 yards and 13 TD’s.
  3. I predict that Shaun Cody will challenge Dan Wilkinson for a starting job by the end of the season.
  4. James Davis will blossom into one of the finest LB’s in the NFL by the conclusion of next season.
  5. I predict that Charles Rogers will be the NFL comeback player of the year.
  6. I predict that Marcus Pollard will be the MVP of this team, not just because of numbers, (others will have better) but because of the leadership he brings.
  7. Alex Lewis will be one of the unsung heroes of this team in 2005. In the field, special teams and off the field.
  8. Jeff Backus is in a contract year, and he needs to step it up if he doesn’t want to be this off seasons Stockar McDougle.
  9. It is time for Damien Woody to step up and be the leader he was so over paid to be. The whole league bitched at how much we paid Woody, and if he had led like he was paid it would have been worth it. He needs to watch his weight, hustle and be a leader. We need him to lead both by example and vocally!
  10. Raiola and DeMulling will be the anchors of this offensive line.
  11. Kelly Butler will have growing pains, but will be a good OT for this team.
  12. If Joey had Raiola’s fire and passion, this team would easily top my predictions of 10 wins.
  13. I hear a lot of people bitch about the black jerseys but I love them. Who cares, just win baby!
  14. With almost 8 minutes left in the second quarter, the Lions went for it on fourth and four (Hanson was hurt that is why they didn’t go for the FG) and Joey hit Roy Williams for a 2-yard pass. Why are they running a 2 yard route when they need 4? That infuriates me. That is one of the strengths of the Patriots and other championship teams, they go for what they need. NO ONE should have run less than four yards in that situation. That is a coaching error and could come back in another game to bite our butt.
  15. The Lions pourus offensive line needs to step it up. If not for the great play of QB Joey Harrington this game could have been real ugly.
  16. As I have said all pre-season, Joey looks great. He continually made the right reads and demonstrated some great reasons for hope.
  17. The Lions play calling especially in the fourth quarter was horrendous.
  18. If Coach Fred Graves is responsible for coaching the receivers (and he is the receivers coach) then he needs to teach them about route running, and if he has, he needs to get fired. These guys continually run routes less than what is needed on third down and there is absolutely no excuse for that. PATHETIC!
  19. I believe this game was of course the opener, but Roy Williams is to good to drop that many balls. This was bad game, but he is a great player.
  20. The Lions D which so many people questioned all season came through in a big way.
  21. For all you people who got so worked up in the pre-season, I think now you see that I was right and the Lions didn’t show it all.