Make Way for Cutler…Hopefully


It’s not often I agree with Skip Bayless of ESPN but, he was clearly on to something when he said of the top 3 quarterback picks in himself, Vince Young, and Matt Leinart. Cutler has clearly proven himself as one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL, even though they blew a comfortable lead in the AFC West, Cutler still threw for over 4500 yards and 25 touchdowns and capped it all off with his first pro-bowl appearance.

It’s unfortunate that now when he is beginning to really tap into his talent, that the team, under new head coach Josh McDaniels, has really done a great job at making him feel like an outcast. I’m not one to judge a guy in his first couple weeks but when you make the future face of the franchise feel like he’s not wanted, that can’t do any help for the team or fans for that matter.

However, in Denver’s loss, a hungry Lions team is willing to take advantage of the situation. I know an 0-16 team isn’t really an appealing place to come and play, I feel that Cutler is more concerned with just getting out of Denver so bad that he may not really care where he ends up. So if the Lions can put together the right price in time it could be a huge possibility that he could become a Lion.

Detroit would make a good spot for Cutler because of our rising stars in Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith, an offensive coordinator who is very quarterback-friendly in Scott Linehan, and if we for once draft correctly we could do some fine tuning to that offensive line, which would allow Cutler the time he needs to make plays.

The Detroit fans would gladly welcome Jay Cutler I believe he has the ability to create a more potent offense, and even in his short career I think he can easily gain the respect of the rest of the team and the fans and successfully get them to rally behind them. Also with him behind the helm even in this struggling economy he can definitely sell-out some seats. This would also be a good move for Mayhew since he already is off to a bad start, and it will only get worse if they select Matthew Stafford first.

Denver has stated that they would be interested in getting players in return for Cutler, which would actually work out pretty good for us because with our numerous first and third round picks any positions we trade away we could easily replace in the draft and there are many players who could come in and make an immediate impact. Regardless of what Denver says though, we all know that in the NFL draft prospects can hold a lot more value than any seasoned veteran.

Hopefully Detroit puts in some kind of bid in getting Cutler, the Lions are in need of some help fast and if we take care of our quarterback needs we can address our real problems on both sides of the lines and we can turn this team around a lot quicker then everyone thinks.




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