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Marcus Vick goes undrafted! Now that's why!

Could there have been a better story with the NFL draft (other then the moronic fools in Houston) then to see Marcus Vick, the talented but troubled QB from Virginia Tech go undrafted? What a statement NFL teams made by keeping that guy out of the draft. Like one scout said to me: "we spend way to much money any more for that risk. We might a (his words) taken a risk even 2 or 3 years ago but not anymore. Maybe as a free agent, but I don't even know then." Good to see Marcus failing. I am not one who wishes for or even hope for someone to fail. I hate mean people. This guy in my opinon however has done nothing to demonstrate remorse for anything (he has had multiple on and off field problems) and just expects that since Joe Mexico...I mean Mike Vick is his brother that he will be O.K. WRONG! Vick's mishaps and reputation (that he created) cost him millions. Now maybe, he will turn his life around. Let's hope so.

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