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Michigan State Spartans vs. Indiana Hoosiers Scouting Report and Prediction

Scouting Report and Prediction: Michigan State vs. the Indian Hoosiers

A look at this week’s opponent…

The Hoosiers come in and are not a good football team and are not headed in the right direction. You would think in year one of a new regime there would be hope, but there isn’t. This program has issues. Real issues and it is in trouble. The Spartans will get their Thanksgiving feast early

When MSU has the ball…

There is no need to be cute. No need to be pretty. Just take the ball and run it down the throats of a Hoosier team that doesn’t want to be here. Look for the Spartans to gain over 250 yards on the ground as they simply pound the Hoosiers.

When Indiana moves seven men into the box, they will throw over them. This game isn’t about the score it is about getting a lot of player’s reps and staying healthy.

When MSU is on defense…

They will feast. Indiana is going to help the Spartans statistics, as they will get pressure all day and dog the Hoosiers. Did I mention that this was a terrible team heading in the wrong direction and having issues?

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MSU will stay in its base defense and mutilate the Hoosiers with pressure from unseen places and in obscene ways.


MSU has everything to gain and the Hoosiers have nothing. In talking with people there, I wouldn’t be shocked with a change in coaching next year, although I would guess they will wait one more.

This team is full of young men who have not bought in and with what I have heard I don’t blame them. This is not a good fit and the Hoosiers are playing nearly all of their young players because of it.

On the other hand the Spartans are playing for everything. They have superior players, superior coaching and the Hoosiers will, “Feed the Dawgs.” Indiana is in bad shape and this was not the weekend they wanted to come to East Lansing.


The Spartans have had a great week of practice. They badly want to honor these seniors and they are on a mission. I don’t know if anyone in the B1G could beat them this Saturday.

Your Dawgs will be fed as they destroy, mutilate, offend, abuse, and destroy Indiana like a D3 underdog.

Make it MSU 41 and Indiana 6. With so many young MSU players expected to play, of course this score could fluctuate, but who cares. Get the W and play a ton of young guys.