More info on the UM ticket issue

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I will be talking about it on Hondo's House on Monday and here are some additional details.

UM issued a password to season football ticket holders that allowed them to buy tickets to this game against MSU. Brian (my guest on Monday) got hold of that password and is not a football season ticket holder. That is why he was refused purchased and had his money returned.

The issue is not whether UM was outside their rights to refuse, clearly they were not. The issue is about the depth of the rivalry (or lack thereof) and the attempt to keep opposing fans out of their arena when they can't fill it with their fans. Can you imagine if MSU had tried to keep OSU fans out of Spartan Stadium this season?


WOW did I hear from UM people and even one MSU fan that ripped me. I think it amazng that there is this blue wall in the media that has shown bias towards UM for so long, and I even attempt to discuss an issue and I am the worst person in the world.  That is truly funny.  I love MSU but I am not afraid to be a critic. That makes me fair. No one can be unbias and trust me, the media isn't when it covers something on a regular basis. They are human and have emotions. I just admit it so I can be careful not to let my being a fan keep me from me fair and balanced in my criticism.


Anyways in fairness we will compare MSU and UM's position on unsold seats and how it is handled on Monday.