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On how he feels about being drafted by the Lions:
"I am very excited. It is a blessing to be able to play for the Detroit Lions."

On coach Colletto telling him to get up here and work on his pulling in his back yard: "He told me that. I was like, whatever you want me to do, I am going to do."

On coming from the Texas Tech passing offense and how he answered questions about his run-blocking ability: "It was a blessing to be able to play at Texas Tech. It gave the opportunity to show the kind of athlete I can be. The run blocking, that is where my heart is at. I love to be in the trenches. I love to get in someone's face and move them around. That was never a problem for me. I feel that is what they liked about me and that is what they were able to see on the tape that they watched on me."

On sharing his name with a famous baseball player: "I get that a lot."

On if he ever played baseball: "When I was younger, but I focused more on football once I got into high school."

On if he could hit (in baseball): "Oh yeah."

On what "Manny being Manny" means to him: "Being myself."

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On the adjustment he must make from the Texas Tech offense to the pro-style offense: "Personally, I think it is going to be a lot easier because you have a lot less room to work with. At Texas Tech with our wide splits, I'm not going to lie, it was a little bit hard, three feet to the right, three feet to the left. Now you might have a foot and a half and you are able to work with your other offensive linemen, compared to Tech."

On what the second best bench press record was at Texas Tech, after he set the high mark at 550 pounds: "Like 460 (pounds)."

On why he stopped at 550 pounds: "I was a lot younger. I had some personal goals that I wanted to meet. I felt like no one would come close to it for a good while. I just tried to maintain my strength and work as hard as I could."

On what he thinks he could bench press now: "It probably wouldn't be 550 (pounds), but it is close to 500 without a problem."

On his knee after knee surgery: "My knee is doing a lot better. It is better than it was this past year because I had two bone spurs in it (before). So, it will allow me to play a lot better."

Opening Statement: "Manny is a guy that played at Texas Tech in a system that has a lot of pass blocking. I think the concern was whether he'd be a good run blocker. He distinguished himself in the Senior Bowl and he's a tough guy. Kind of like one of those road-grater type guards. I told him when I congratulated him afterwards to go out in his backyard and start working on pulling."

On Ramirez's character: "He seems to be real solid. Lineman, knock on wood, are really dependable guys. I think he falls right into that category. I don't think there are any issues there. I think he'll be a tough, hard nosed guy. It will be a different system than he's used to, but they all have to learn something new. With Frank Davis playing, we'll figure out some calls in Spanish for him."
On the future of Damien Woody:
"I don't know. Right now I'm working with Damien and all of those guys without any concern about that. That is out of my neck of the woods. We'll just see how that all plays out."
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