News and Notes from Around the NFL

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News and Notes from Around the NFL

The Lions, in the first two weeks, look like the best team all around in the NFL. I still don’t think they make the playoffs at 8-8. When the injuries come in the NFL and we all know they do, can they sustain? If they stay healthy, then I am wrong and I based my pick on them NOT staying healthy.

You can question so many decisions and things Romo does, but you can’t question his guts.

Mike Vick is a great talent, but if he can’t stay healthy he is worthless to the Eagles.
Great bounce-back win for the Falcons. I said before the season that I thought it would be Atlanta and New England in the Super Bowl. Neither has changed my mind.

The New England Patriots were livid with former teammate Tedy Bruschi for his comments about Ochocinco. Good news for Ocho as his teammates rallied behind him.

Scott Pioli and Todd Haley are in the middle of an internal battle in Kansas City. Of course Pioli will win it, but the blame for hiring Haley rests on his shoulders. He will get to hire a second coach, but without major improvement…probably not a third.

Blaine Gabbert has to start in Jack town this week as the QB. This one is a no brainer.

Remember Chris Johnson holding out saying how he needed to be paid like a QB? How is that working out for the Titans? 

I told you this summer how the Eagles were able to get rid of Kevin Kolb because of the faith they had in Mike Kafka. He looked great last night when Vick went out.

Martin Mayhew is a gentleman and one of the nicest and kindest people in the NFL. When he snubbed the Chiefs GM Scott Pioli on Sunday, it tells a story about the Lions getting punished by the NFL for the Chiefs accusing them of tampering. Let me just say that if that was just about anyone else it is no big deal. From Mayhew, that tells you a lot. He is not a hot head or a jerk.

Tony Sparano, the head coach at Miami, had a Bobby Williams moment when asked about his team’s lack of success, he said, “I don’t have any answers.” Ouch and that could set him up as the first coach to get canned in 2011.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is kicking butt for the Bill. The well-documented cheap franchise has a major dilemma. The Harvard grad is in the last year of his deal. Stay in Buffalo or move on? Playing the odds could cost the Bills big time in 2012.

Plaxico Burress spent a ton of time on the bench Sunday. Just learning or is he taking longer to get game ready?

The Redskins are 2-0 under Rex Grossman. So Redskin fan, that should make you feel good, but Shanahan is still your coach, for now. Will Gruden keep Grossman next year?