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News and Notes from Around the NFL


As I told you last week, when we got to today the deal would be done. It is. They are now ironing out the lawsuits that were ancillary. Seems like they could have done this months ago without all the lawsuits. The lawyers are the big winners.


The only thing worse than being a Redskin fan right now is being a Bengals fan. They are the worse franchise in sports. They are in sad shape and the players and fans in Cincinnati deserve better.


Cedric Benson arrested. PacMan was. I guess taking so many troubled players because they come cheaper is really a good way to run an NFL team…in Cincinnati.


In case you missed it, I Twittered that the new deal would be for ten years. If you don’t follow me on Twitter you should, @HondoCarpenter The point is that the NFL understands that its success has come with continuity. This was not an idea of the players or owners. It came from Goodell himself.


Broncos players are telling people that they expect Tim Tebow to be the starter when the season starts.


Look for the NFLPA to vote on the new deal probably Thursday and the owners on Friday. If the players ratify the deal in the A.M. the owners could do it in the afternoon on Thursday. One NFC member of management said to me, “I can only see two owners voting no. I am sure there may be more, but two for sure.”


There could be some VERY interesting free agents when the season finally gets going. I am not going to name names, but one AFC upper management person told me last night of a name that I had heard earlier in the day and asked him about. He said, “This could be a time that a guy throws a wrench in a teams plan by jumping ship. Especially if no one thinks there is a chance he jumps.” Stay tuned.


There have been a lot of questions about the Hall of Fame game. One NFC member of team management told me last night that the game is still on. We shall see. They want it, so I think the odds have to be that it will happen even with a lot of logistic questions.


James Harrison’s days may be numbered in Pittsburgh. Players and management that I spoke to don’t think he can play there. One player who knows about the Steelers and their organization having played there said, “You don’t do that there. I don’t think it matters to them if Goodell does anything. Only Ben can get away with what he did. I don’t think it has anything to do with color he is a quarterback.” (Quarterback)


I have spoken to players, management, and attorneys and none of them think Roger Goodell can hand out punishment for things done during the lockout. This may shock you but every player I have spoken to wish he could. Players for the most part are good guys and they are tired of a few making them look bad.Â


I just got off the phone with folks from the Bears and the Rams and although both sides doubt they can play the Hall of Fame game they all agree that they are hearing the league insists they play it. Interesting.