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Next Two Weeks Crucial for Tigers

For the next two weeks, the Detroit Tigers will be playing only two different teams, the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians. Now, I know that the Tigers Skipper Jim Leyland always says that this is the way the schedule goes so the team will just keep on playing, but if I had to pick just two teams for the Tigers to play for two weeks, it would not be these two teams.

The Tigers are currently tied for first place in the A.L. Central with the Indians and the Yankees have the best record in the majors since the All-Star break so they are tied for first in the A.L. Wildcard race. That only makes these next two weeks that much bigger for the teams, especially the Tigers.

If the Tigers want to get back on track and start winning games on a regular basis again, they need to get one thing straightened out, their pitching. Their starting pitching, for that matter, is horrible. You can’t have a winning team that only has three starters in the rotation and really, right now, they only have two. In my opinion, Jeremy Bonderman needs to get whatever is going on in his head figured out! The Tigers need him right now and he needs to get out of the slump.

The somewhat good news right now is that Joel Zumaya pitched last night in Toledo and threw 18 pitches. He gave up a double but came back and struck out the next batter. He is schedule to pitch on Wednesday and Saturday in Toledo and if all goes well, he might be back in the Tigers bullpen as early as next Tuesday! How sweet would that be. Rodney looked good and Jones has been good too. To have the trio back would just be that much better.

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The tigers hitting is getting back to where it needs to be and if the team can get the clutch hits then we’re golden. The bullpen is doing better but still not where it needs to be to be a first place team. And as for the starting pitchers, we need all five to be back and to be healthy. No team can win with only three. The next two weeks will be the ultimate test.