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Notes from the Lions vs. Bills

Notes from the Lions Bills last (thank God) exhibition game!


  • For all of you that in love with JTO (and as you know from the past I am not) how about that third quarter (1:15) throw off of his back foot. There is a reason he is a journeyman. This is his attempt to make it again with yet another team and he still makes poor choices. How about his third and goal pass attempt where he missed an open guy to PUSH the ball to a guy that wasn’t open? Why is your first second round pick on IR doing nothing so we can see more of this? Stay tuned I have an article coming about the mistake the Lions have made and you won’t want to miss it.
  • Make sure you notice that JTO has not had any real tangible success against ones.
  • Here was one that just made me stop and say: I can’t believe this. The Lions have a fourth and goal at the six. We know that I look better in Speedos on a hot beach with no shirt than their red zone offense. So when the Bills get a penalty that would make it 4th and goal at the 1 they keep the three points from the previous play. Why not work on your pathetic red zone offense? I know it is a meaningless fourth pre-season game but that is why you work on your personal pink elephant in the room, which is your red zone offense. The coaches can’t get mad at this kind of criticism because they talk about using these games for those situations and they didn’t here.
  • Alex Lewis looked great. He utilized his speed and kept his head up (something he has been working on) and played with instinct rather than thinking. Now Boss played well, but at what point do they take an underachieving Boss and give Lewis his shot? I know that they don’t want to and I know why but at some point they are not going to have a choice as long as Lewis keeps playing the way he is. He played with two’s, three’s and four's and dominated. Boss had one decent outing in the pre-season. If they choose not to pull the trigger I can tell you that Joe Barry and Marinelli need to have what they called in the old west a “trigger finger” on that. I asked Lewis about how he played and he as usual talked about the team but is exuberance in the locker room was nice to see. Due to NFL rules that make no sense and are not favorable to you the fan I can’t put the video on the site but I will have the transcript coming.
  • IAF missed a chance to grab a fumble but he looks better each and every time he touches the field. He is very athletic and although he does make mistakes (that is understandable) his athleticism can’t be hidden and he will get time. He looked better at the inside DT and one area that he excels at is his footwork and hands. He is going to be a nice addition to the Lions and he looks good. For a rookie!
  • Ramzee Robinson I have said since OTA’s is going to have a shot at the practice squad. He missed an open field tackle last night and a chance for an INT when a ball was tipped. I realize that he is a rookie but this was against third and fourth stringers (many of whom may not ever play in the NFL significantly) and he was still making mistakes. For a guy that wanted to make a team he has to do more. I think because of the anemic state of the CB’s he will make the practice squad but he has to really step up to have a chance of making any significant contribution.
  • Gerald Alexander is going to fit in well in Detroit. As soon as the Lions drafted him on draft day they IMMEDIATELY started getting calls about trading for him and you can see why. He is a rookie but he (along with IAF) really shows the athleticism that it takes to play at this level. The rest they can learn but you can’t teach talent.
  • I told you all way back in March that KJ would miss the first 5-8 games and I have stood by it. It is now public knowledge but I wanted to point out to all of you that this was information you had months ago that others are getting now. The team is meeting on Friday but the decision is already made.
  • I can’t wait to see KJ and TJ. K/T/J will be a great tandem for the Lions. I know that Martz has a love affair with the speed of Bell but I stand by what I have said all along that it will be a K/T/J mix.
  •  People that I have talked with from the Lions think that they will grab Fitzpatrick from the Rams if he gets cut, but they doubt that they will trade for him. Either way you have to still be disgusted that they put Stanton on IR. I will have a lot more on that later today or in the morning.
  • Kevin Kasper:Â see ya!

I am not really going to grade here but this is some interesting info. Please keep an eye out for a soon to be article about an area that the Lions will have to address soon!

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