Notes from Lions Camp this Weekend

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-There were at LEAST 2 skirmishes that I saw today. The most notable one was between OT Jeff Backus and DE Dewayne White. White had been taking it too Backus in the 11-on-11 drills. Right before their tussle White had beaten Backus badly and all Jeff could do was hold White. It was a VERY noticeable hold to all the fans and reporters, but seeing as how it was a on the backside of the play the refs missed it. White, clearly frustrated, put Backus on the ground. On the very next play, after being separated, White went right back at Backus and Backus felt the physicality was dirty (It wasn't) and threw Dewayne to the ground and started punching him. When asked about it after practice, all players issued the standard "boys will be boys in training camp" line, but the Backus himself said "Ask Dewayne why it started up” as he stormed off the field. Jeff Backus obviously thought Dewayne White was being dirty, but nobody else did. Keep an eye on this battle for the rest of camp. 


-Goz is a specimen on the O-line. He clearly has the size to compete and his punch move is improving. The second his footwork is up to par enough to handle the zone scheme he'll be the sure starter on the right side. 


-The RB's looked horrible today on pass protection. I saw Aveion Cason get run right through by a blitzing DB and had it been a live scrimmage Kitna would've been destroyed while Cason laid on his back. In fairness to Cason, all the RB's missed assignments or performed poorly in this aspect today. This group as a whole has to improve their blocking to give Kitna any chance. 


-Calvin Johnson made an incredible falling catch in the corner of the end zone today after blowing by the corner. He made it very clear that when healthy this year he should unstoppable. The only concern is that while he says his back is 100 %, he continues to fall on it and throw his body around to make plays. You've got to love his hustle, but nobody wants another Charles Rogers-type receiver who doesn't know how to brace his body for impact. 


-Dan Orlovsky fumbled 2 snaps early in the 11-on-11's. He was taking snaps from back up Corey Hulsey, who is listed as a guard, and it may have been an equal blame between the 2. But if Orlovsky is trying to cement himself as the number 2 QB, he can't afford these types of mistakes in camp. 


-Teddy Lehman was back on the field and looks like he did his rookie year. He was flying around the ball all day. He's added some muscle, but is still fast enough to fill Marinelli's "speed" requirement. You could tell he was comfortable in the defense and with the coaches. Welcome back Teddy! 


-Ernie Sims injured his knee breaking up a pass play. After knocking the ball away, Ernie went down and it took him a minute to get up. But when he did the doctors checked his knee and he seemed ok and literally sprinted back to the sideline to try to go back in, but the coaches wisely held him out. While his injury doesn't appear severe, it's something to keep an eye on.