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October 2005 Reader Email

Hondo, I love the pink shirt! I saw you on the sidelines at the UM game and you had on a different color, why? Tricia-Grand Ledge
-Hi Trish, thanks for the note. First of all, my wife and my boss think that it would be funny if all I wore were pink now that it was in all the newspapers. We’ll see.

Hondo, how come I wasn’t selected for the tailgate? We rock, can you still come visit? Jon-Fowlerville
-Hi Jon, thanks for the invite. Unfortunately dude, I can’t come to all of them. I am sure that yours was awesome. As far as stopping by this year, I might be able to. Send me an invite with directions and a cell number.

Hondo do you think that Coach Lansing as you call him is the long-term answer for MSU football? Steve-Lansing
-Steve I love MSU and I hope for continuity’s sake he is. I admit that I do know him now and I do like him, but that has nothing to do with it. He has to win, and win consistently. I never root for someone to lose their job, and I hope that he does well and is here a long time. I can however assure you that if he fails, you will hear about it from me.

Hondo, where did that name come from? Sally-Owosso
-Sally, it is form the old John Wayne hit movie Hondo. That is why my son, Hondo Jr., is called Duke!

Hondo, I have a friend who works as a photographer. I heard that John L. slaps you after each win in the locker room like he did Smoker. True? Alex-Bath
-Hi Alex, yes, he has slapped me before after a victory. He is an enthusiastic guy and that is a good thing. He certainly is not at all being a jerk, I think he respect that although I am a media guy, that I love MSU also.

Hondo, I think that you’re an idiot. You bleed green and have absolutely no sense of media neutrality. Tim-Dewitt
-Hi Tim. I think it is the obligation of a media person to be fair.
However, I have many friends in the media who picked this profession because they like me, love sports. I do bleed green, but I would remind you that my adoration of MSU does not keep me from being critical or tough. Would you rather have someone be a “closet” fan and slant his or her coverage or be open and fair? I would have you look at my friend Jim Brandstatter. Jimmy is the voice of UM football. He loves the blue like I do the green, but I consider him one of the very best in the business. As far as me being an idiot, you may be right! H

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Hondo, after I saw you rip the Charles Rogers, I was surprised. Aren’t you a fan of Chucks? Sam-Lansing
-Sam thanks for the note. I care for Chuck. I have interviewed him on several occasions and I think he has amazing talent. I do however cannot condone his illegal and bad behavior. He let his team and more importantly his family down. If my criticism of that offends you I am sorry.

Hondo, I think Charles Rogers should have lost his job. Any other worker with three positive tests would have. Kim-Lansing
-Thanks Kim. I agree that most workers would not have kept their jobs.
However he is part of the NFLPA (players union) and that option is not there for the Lions. I can tell you however, that if it were, I do not think Charles would have kept his job.

Hondo, you have Raiola on the show all the time, is he pretty cool? Shad-Lansing
He is a great guy, and personally one of my favorites. He and I have a pretty good rapport and he is a hard working, no nonsense guy. He is form Hawaii but has the same hard work values of those of us in Mid-Michigan.

Hondo, I love reading spartannation and now I get to see some of the show on the web. Any chances of letting people from out of town see it all on the web? Chris-St. Louis, MO
-Not at this time Chris, but thanks for reading the site and maybe if you come back to MSU for a game or something, we can have a drink!

Hondo, that rap song for a theme sucks. I can’t get it out of my head, the show is cool, but the song sucks. Play some country. Sam-Laingsburg
-Hi Sam. I hope all is well in my hometown of the Burg! Well you do remember the song so it is working! As far as country, I love it, so make me a demo and send it in! Go Wolfpack!

Hondo, the show is great and I love that you have the highlights now. Who is that Spence guy he is adorable.
-Well Shannon, he is a great guy. I wouldn’t call him adorable, but I would call his Miss America good looks girlfriend that. He is a real up and coming talent that has a great future in broadcast. As far as him however, move along he is set with a great girl. I will pass along your compliment!

Thanks everyone. Keep the letters coming we will talk soon! Go State! -H