Pathetic Pistons, Led by Raswhine Wallace Didn’t Win It All…I Told You So!

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Pathetic Pistons, Led by Raswhine Wallace Didn’t Win It All…I Told You So!

I told you on April 21, 2008, (look in the archives) that they wouldn’t. In fact on June 3, 2007, I said essentially the same thing. Not because I am that smart. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure it out. Raswhine is not a winner.Â

Yes, I know that he won one, but you have to remember that it happened when the Pistons held all the cards. It happened when he knew the league was upset with him and that his only shot was to behave and get rewarded. The Pistons can’t claim they were duped. They knew what he was. Joe Dumars is a good man and he isn’t stupid. The Pistons played with a skunk and they stink.

Now speculation is running rampant. Is Sheed going to be back? Is Flip coming back? I spoke a few moments ago with a source inside the Pistons organization that told me, “There has been no decision made as of yet, I can tell you that I would be shocked if at least one of them isn’t back.”

Is getting rid of Flip the answer? He was openly disrespected by his players (who ran off the previous coaches), and Joe did nothing to back him up. He has had to endure treatment that stripped him of authority and Dumars has built a team whose coach is surrounded by high priced babies.

Now we know that not all of them are that way, but when the leaders are allowed to run the show is it really Flip’s fault? He has Raswhine who can get techs and befriend the opponent and openly defy him by not going to the huddle and what is he to do?

I love Joe Dumars. I love what he did as a player and I loved everything he did up to bringing in Raswhine. Flip is a good man and a good coach. Can he finally give Flip the reigns? I don’t think so.

This team has woefully underachieved. They don’t care. They are pretenders with a heart of a loser. Again, I don’t think it is all of them, but it is a sickness that has infested itself and it must be purged. This team’s lack of championships is a disgrace. This team has not walked off of the court in the last several years as champions, but they also haven’t walked off of the court as the least talented group. They are not champions and they are not a team. Talent isn’t the issue. It is character.Â

It is time to let Raswhine go. It is time to let Flip leave and go somewhere that he can lead. It is time for Dumars to drop the hammer on what is left and let this group know that his next coach will be the boss. If he can’t, it is time for Joe to follow Raswhine and Flip out the door.

Dumars came to the Pistons front office talking about carrying a lunch pail. He came wanting to build a team that was a mirror of him. He started to. This team was that. Sadly, it has moved from that wonderful blueprint into a typical thug team concerned more with being stars than winning championships.Â

What’s next is up to Joe. Go back to being what and who you are, or for the sake of the franchise walk away with Flip and Raswhine.