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Political Correctness Ruins A Great Opportunity to Promote A Great Athletic Accomplishment


The UCONN woman accomplished the greatest record in their sports history and it is still growing!

The UCONN woman accomplished the greatest record in their sports history and it is still growing!


Some things baffle me. Some things make me stop and shake my head. Some things make me really wonder if some people have a brain. This past week one of those things happened.


The UCONN women’s basketball team accomplished a mighty record with another victory. They won their 89th consecutive basketball game. It was a great accomplishment in a sport that frankly has yet to find its sea legs outside of a few pockets of success.


The amazing part to me that overshadowed a great accomplishment was the ignorant rearing of the ugly head of political correctness.


In the days leading up to the event, the PC police were out in force telling us how the UCONN women had the chance of breaking the all time streak of John Wooden’s UCLA team’s 88 wins from the 70’s. They told us how it was so significant. How huge it would be. MEMO to the PC police: they didn’t break the record.


It is a different sport played by people of the opposite sex and they are not comparable. Why do the women’s teams (MSU included) practice against guys? I have been told that they like the tougher and stronger game the men offer them, not the men’s basketball team, but guys on campus. 


Geno Auriemma is the UCONN head coach. He owns women’s basketball. They may not like it (and they don’t), but he is the Wooden of his era. He took all the attention on his ladies team after the win by deriding the media for their coverage.�� 


I like the women’s game. I respect personally and professionally Suzy Merchant and think she has done an amazing job, but facts are facts. The women’s game is a non-revenue sport. It loses millions because frankly, the fans don’t care even close to the level they do for the men. The interest isn’t comparable.


Remember how they told us the WNBA would take off now that they had a partner in ESPN? How’s that working? Women’s basketball is a great game. I have bemoaned for years that they try to promote it as an equal to men’s and it isn’t, never has been and never will be. It can’t be equal because it isn’t the same sport.


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Last week when the UCONN women made a great accomplishment, the political correct lunatics that pop up like idiots blew a great opportunity to promote a great sport. No it isn’t men’s basketball. Woman’s basketball!


How many of the 88 straight teams UCLA beat could the UCONN women of today beat? Women’s basketball is a great sport. It isn’t the men’s game, and the brain trust that promotes it as such, do it a disservice.


I laugh when the media trumps a headline like: Studies prove men different than woman. Really? You had to spend millions on a study that any parent could tell you was dumb? Last time I looked I knew that right away.


The women’s game uses a different ball, has different rules, and the players are different. Wow, they are similar.


The more the PC crowd tries to play the ‘we are all the same card,’ just laugh at their ignorance. We aren’t and that is what makes life fun. That is what makes the fact that we have two sexes interesting.


And when you shake your head when they try to force-feed you that UCONN beat the great accomplishment of the UCLA men and you ask yourself am I missing something, no, you didn’t. Another politically correct moron missed the obvious. MEMO: they do that a lot.


The UCONN women did a great thing, among the greatest accomplishments of all time in sports. Not just theirs, but any. You can compare it among the great, but it isn’t basketballs all time best, just like Wooden’s championships are equal to or better/worse than Auerbach in the NBA. Different games. All special.


Sadly, the politically correct idiots ruined a great chance for the UCONN women’s team to get their due respect. By comparing them to a different sport they missed the true size of the accomplishment.


Geno is a great coach. Not a good coach, he is a great coach. The greatest women’s coach of all time, and although it isn’t politically correct to say it, I am sure that grinds the gears of many because he is a guy.


The UCONN women did something amazing, and the idiots around their game missed the obvious trying to be politically correct. Wow, that happens a lot nowadays.