Remember the Alleged Ski Masks and Don’t Jump to Conclusions….

Hondo S. Carpenter

San Antonio, Texas


FMR NFL star and current ESPN analyst Craig James finds himself at the center of the Leach suspension.

FMR NFL star and current ESPN analyst Craig James finds himself at the center of the Leach suspension.

It was surreal last night as the Spartans and the Red Raiders prepare for what is now being called “The suspension bowl” here in San Antonio.


Last night at a local school, security allowed some of the media in to hear from Red Raider defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeil. McNeil is a long time friend of suspended coach Mike Leach. You can see his interview BY CLICKING HERE.


Prior to the media event, Spartan Nation spoke to a source VERY close to suspended coach Mike Leach and here is what we know.


  1. The player involved is ESPN analyst Craig James’s son Adam.
  2. Craig James was scheduled to call the Suspension (Alamo) Bowl game for TV.
  3. There is a movement underway to get him removed from that duty.
  4. At this point, Leach will pursue “Legal means” to get the suspension lifted so he can coach the game.
  5. Leach arrived and is in San Antonio.
  6. Multiple sources close to the Tech program acknowledge that there are details about this situation that they feel are “Overblown,” and they expect Leach to be exonerated.
  7. One source went as far as saying, “The school and coach haven’t always seen eye to eye so I think this is more against him than anything.”


Obviously none of us know. Coach McNeil was visibly emotional last night as he obviously gets to fulfill his dream of being a major division one head coach. At the same time getting to do it with the peril of his very close friend. As Tech players left the field last night, they were openingly joking, and although not made available as previously scheduled for media interviews, were seen Irish dancing and joking.


One source close to the Tech program mentioned to me, “Remember them Duke players getting charged and cleared, don’t make more of this ‘til you hear Coach’s side.”


It reminded me that other media outlets released the information that the MSU football players at Rather Hall were wearing ski masks, something found out to be false.


Coach Leach has the right to be heard. I am working on gathering more details. In the mean time later today we will look at the Spartan offense as it heads up to the Suspension Bowl. If the details that are out are proven true, it certainly will not look good on Coach Leach. With so many people close to the program implying there is more, he does deserve to be heard.


I plan on talking to Tech officials today about what some are calling the strained Leach/University relations.


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