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Rod Marinelli Spoke After Practice and Here is the Transcript:

On the players injured during Thursday's preseason game:
"Stanley Wilson's done. He's going to have surgery on that. Gilbert Gardner has a concussion. Jason Hanson, Dean (Kleinschmidt) called it a mild strain of the thigh; we will hold him out this week, so he won't play against Cincinnati. Other than that he feels everything's fine. After that it's just some bumps and bruises."We'll hold Cory (Redding) out again today just with the groin - we just want to make sure everything's right. By Monday, we're sure (Dan) Campbell and (Shaun) McDonald are off PUP. The doctor will check Daniel (Bullocks) Monday morning. We think he's got a chance to get off the PUP list too.

On whether Hanson will be out of practice this week: "Oh yeah. We're not going to practice him, let him just get healed up."

On when Hanson hurt his thigh: "It was on the field goal, and then he went and he kicked the kickoff. But you could see it. As he (kicked it) you could see that strain."

On signing a new kicker, along with other players: "Yeah, we've got three guys: David Rayner, we signed him today; Kiwaukee Thomas, as a nickel corner - he's a nickel and a corner from Buffalo. And we're looking at an offensive lineman,s Damion Cook. We'll bring him in today and sign him. He's a big guy, got some background room. He's a right guard and tackle."

On whether he was disappointed in the guard play in the running game: "No, here's the thing: as I watched the running game, we were high. That's the part I want to see. It's the pad level, man, it's getting the push, and you just have to knock people off the ball. It wasn't a lot of mental errors. There were a couple of times when we had an assignment error where we didn't block the right guy, but mostly we just wouldn't know who to block. It was just about executing each and every down, you have to get on."

On what he did not like: "We know who to block. This thing's simple - it's not overly simple, there's stuff to it, but now it's about just executing, and it's on the player and the coach. We've got to get that done. And the difference between a couple players was that much. My helmet's here and your helmet's there (illustrated) - not good. So it's the team that can get your pad level and your feet and drive and all those things. My thing is with those you see the boots opened up. The boots - people watch that - they have to defend the boots now, too, right? Sometimes the quarterback can eliminate a defender off of fakes. So hopefully we'll get that going. But that's not the issue. The issue is pad level, and knocking people off the ball lower, getting our feet coming. And the thing is, in this league if it was easy, everybody would run the ball. It's just not easy, and you've got to go work."

On whether the preseason games will focus on the running game instead of more simple concepts: "I hate the word 'simple.' It's executable. They will know who to block. Now it's going to come down to getting physical and knocking people off the ball."

On whether the team executed the actual plays to be used during the regular season: "This is a big part of our base, yeah."

On whether that means practice this week will consist of repeating the same drills seen throughout training camp: "One thing I can tell you: we run it and run it and detail it and run it and run it and run it. But this league is about execution, and that's what we've got to do."

On the rookies' performance in Thursday's game: "You know what, Gos (der Cherilus) played pretty well. He really did. He had the one holding penalty, and the one offside that wasn't all him on that - I'll leave it at that. But he really showed some energy off the ball. I mean, he knocked some people off the ball. He did a nice job. First time out of the block was good.

On rookie LB Jordon Dizon's performance: "The instincts are there. You just have to be where you're supposed to be with your instincts all the time. But his awareness is pretty good.

On Dizon needing time as a rookie to digest all the new information: "It's tough in there , but his instincts have a way to guide him sometimes to where he's going. But we just have to keep working on it. I like his energy. He did a nice job on the special teams."

On the defensive communicator and if he had to use signals: "They only gave us two helmets on defense for that position, okay? We play three linebackers; so only two linebackers had them."

On who had them: "We didn't put it on the starter (Paris Lenon) because he only played 10 plays. So we signaled to the starter and the second and third guy had the helmet."

On if he will continue to do that: "Yeah, the guys who probably play the most you want the helmet on them."

On if he will determine week-by-week who wears it: "Yeah."

On the rest of the rookies: "The yardage is not there (with Kevin Smith), I understand that. But the bursts and the movement that we're seeing - I like the quickness and all those things. We've got to get him in a groove. Avril, he had a couple nice things - he should have had a two-sack game. He was too deep on the one and then he had another one where he got the guy and then we had a penalty on it. So he showed some stuff. I thought he started off like this (with his hands straight out) with his hands; he was like a magnet sort of rushing. Then he kind of seemed to get in rhythm a little bit more. Fluellen did okay; he had one nice play at the end of the game and he played hard and did those things well. (Felton was) solid, nothing special. The young nose tackle (Landon Cohen) did some good things. (Moore) was just solid, nothing overly special right now."

On WR Kenneth Moore being in an uphill battle with WR Devale Ellis and WR Brandon Middleton, who have been around the team for two seasons: "Yeah, (it's) a good battle in there. No question."

On if Ellis has to show more in the return game: "Yeah, every guy. We've got Aveion (Cason) and him - just got to get going. And we've got Aveion returning punts. So guys are finding a way to make themselves available."

On if anything on defense stuck out to him: "You know what really was a real positive - the run fits were excellent. We fit - everything was fit extremely well. It was really good. Guys overlapping, three up the field on the bounce, got the overlaps, the pirates were good - guys were fitting the run extremely well."

On if the run the Giants popped was a missed tackle: "Usually your eight-man fronts, that's where you get it."

On it being a preseason tackle by CB Brian Kelly: "No, it's not a good tackle. He's got to shoot him inside. If you miss him, miss him inside and that's where your pursuit is. Once that ball crosses your face, now you're chasing. But if you miss - before you shoot your gun you go at the outside leg and if you miss it, it goes into the pursuit and now you keep a play like that down to five yards instead of 27 yards."

On him not being worried about Kelly's tackling: "No. He's a good tackler. That part of it - the Cover 2 - we got to our landmarks well. It was just a real good start. They're just starting to really understand where they're supposed to be and how they're supposed to get there. Now your speed - you're playing faster."

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On if S Kalvin Pearson showed up on special teams: "Yeah. Oh yeah. He had a heck of a … two great blocks early. All of a sudden you see a return get to the 20 - no big deal. But what we look for is some of the execution within that. And, I mean, he's going to be a heck of a specialist. And he's a really good defensive back for us."

On LB Buster Davis: "He was solid in there and he also showed up a little bit on special teams."

On if he will let Davis or Dizon play outside: "Not right now. It's just hard enough as it is. You move a guy and it's like a whole new - a whole new playbook you're opening up. So we've just got to be smart as we do this. Just want to see these guys get better with what they're trying to do."

On if teams will try to expose Davis' height on a tight end: "'Here's Buster, we're going to throw it at him.' No. They've got to know what we're in, too. Cover 2 is going to be a factor. But they could. He's not the tallest guy out there."

On if they have to be physical with this zone-running scheme: "Any scheme. If you run the power, you better be physical. Right? If you run the weak belly, you've got to be physical. If you run the zone play, you've got to be physical. You've got to have feet; it's a hip and lower back game. It's got to be bend to get under people. No run works if you don't do that."

On if he is reversing a trend with a team that hasn't been a physical running team in a long time: "Yeah. Oh yeah, no question."

On when Barry Sanders was in Detroit: "They'd get a hat on a hat on a hat and he'd feel it and go. But the big thing here is: you've got to get a hat on a hat - which we're doing. That part's good. There's not a lot of errors. There were some errors. But now it's just movement. We've got to get movement and push."

On if he has to warn QB Drew Stanton to 'dial it down' because of injury risk: "He's competing and that's his way of competing. That's kind of what he's about and we knew that when we took him. The guy gets up and he makes play; makes plays with his legs and feet and he's pretty accurate in this game, too. It was good. It was a start."

On how the offensive line did cut blocking in the game after not having done it in practice: "Just okay.

On whether there's something additional they can do to improve their cut-blocking in practice: "No, you can't. That's your preseason games and guys are getting better at it. They've just got to take better angles. Every zone team has the same problem - they all have the same problem."

On whether they'll adjust which players play with the first team at Cincinnati: "At the end of the week we'll talk more about that. Right now, it's just kind of back to us. We'll get this thing early in the week and just get back to our base fundamentals."

On DE Cliff Avril: "His get-off is not great yet. That's teachable. They don't know what to look at sometimes and they're scared to pull that trigger. His speed is off his third step. Once he gets that third step, he's full speed. If I can get the first-two steps faster, whoa. He's got great juice - I mean, he's really got juice. We've just got to get him in a groove."

"That second to third step he has - he's flying. He generates speed fast. The key with those guys that have those good sets, you've got to get them on the first two steps."

On why he didn't defer to the second-half when he won the coin toss: "We wanted to go with our offense (to start the game).

"I think it gives you an option. Sometimes it can be weather; sometimes you might want to play to your defense - we'll wait and see."

On whether or not he defers will depend on the opponent: "I think so. It might be an outdoor game with wind and some of those things could be a factor."

On whether they will likely take the ball when they play indoors: "I would think so."

On how DE Ikaika Alama-Francis played in the first preseason game: "He played well, he really did. He got inside, he made some movement there. His speed really showed. He was fast. He took a tight end one time in a six-technique and knocked him back in a run game. Step-by-step - he did some good things in the special teams. He can help us. He's just got to keep doing it."

On how DT Shaun Cody played in the first preseason game: "He got up field well. He really disrupted; he knocked off the core, (Chuck Darby) got over the top and made the tackle."

"He's lighter; he's about 292 or something like that - he's lost about 15 pounds. All of these guys have stayed light and quick.

On some things that came out of the first preseason game: "As I look back at it: obviously no sacks or turnovers; as much as that is the ball control. We had eight more minutes (than the Giants) which is critical for a speed defense. If you are fast, and we're not overly big but we're really fast, the more time you can control that thing, that's going to help you. And it's their job to get off on third down. It all works together; if you get off on third down that starts buying you clock time."

On what he wasn't pleased with from the first preseason game: "The run; the two defensive penalties - we can't have that, whether it's on our offense; the punt coverage is better but I want to keep getting better at that. I want superior punting and we had a chance to drop one inside-the-20 and we didn't. That's got to be exact."