Saturday's 2nd Biggest Game



This article is never easy to write, this week it’s even more so, but with just cause.


This weekend, Michigan State’s hopes of a Big Ten Title rest solely on the shoulders of its players, coaches and staff. But the hopes of a Rose Bowl trip will need to come with some help. Without a win in Happy Valley it’s a moot point, but one that needs to be said.


At 12:00 (est) the Wolverines will play the Buckeyes in what will be the Spartan’s last chance of the season for some help. While many refuse to even speak it, Spartan fans should be rooting for a Michigan win. Now listen, if you’re disgusted by the mere thought, I’d even be ok with you rooting for a Buckeye loss. But either way, it needs to happen for Michigan State to have a chance at Pasadena.


Clearly, some self proclaimed “die-hard” Spartan fans will have none of this. I can hear them now; “No Way! I’ll never root for scUM.” “Are you kidding me? That would be sacreligious?” “You’re an idiot.” But to the naysayers let me say this: YOUR LOVE FOR MICHIGAN STATE HAS TO BE MORE THAN YOUR HATE FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN.


It’s that simple. While 364 days this year you hoped they would lose, and on many of them they did, you better hope they win on Saturday. I’m not saying you need to run to Wal-mart or Meijer and pick out your favorite off-color maize and blue shirt. But for only 60 minutes in the entire year, we need them to win and upset Ohio State.


For once in a seemingly long time, the cards are stacked in the Spartans favor to root for their arch rival. First off, you beat them this year. You know no matter what happens throughout the year, a victory over them means more than anything. Second, they will not be going to a bowl game of any sort. And last but not least, they are 3-8. You’ve had plenty of laughs at their expense this year, it’s time you had some at the hands of Ohio State. You know, that same team that made you look foolish a few weeks ago, the one that if you knock off the favorite Penn State, (which they couldn’t do) they pack their bags and head to California.


So don’t tell me you can’t root for them. Don’t tell me you’d rather have Ohio State pummel the Wolverines and be at the Capital One Bowl.


For once use your heart, the one that bleeds Green and White and leave your hate for the Wolverines (just for 1 day) at the steps of the Rose Bowl just before you enter.



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