September 2005 Reader Email

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Hondo, I love the TV show. I see you on the field all the time, what is Stanton like in person? Kelly-Charlotte

-Hi Kelly!
He is a fine young man. He is a great football player obviously, but also a great person. Let me say this, as a father (very protective) he is the kind of young man that I would want my daughter to bring home.

Hondo, what is up with your Lions? We are big Roy Williams fans, is he hurt? Jon-Houston

-Roy is not hurt. He is a tough competitor. You have to remember something, he is only in his second year and that brings some adjustments. He will be fine. I am in the locker room, and his teammates love him, so relax all will be good.

Hondo, is MSU hockey dead? What is the deal with Comley? Stan-St. Johns

-No way is hockey dead. I have been very supportive of Coach Comley and I think that this is his breakout year. I addressed this issue before, but this is a make or break year for him, and I for one am voting for the make part!

Hondo, how good will MSU basketball be this year? Mary-Grand Ledge

Well both programs will do well. The men will win the Big Ten, I will have more MSU info in October, and the women will be a premium contender also. Let me tell you this, Mary, we have the best male/female basketball combo in the land.

Hondo, I saw you interview Coach Lansing as you call him; does he get mad at you calling him Lansing? Rick-Laingsburg

-Well Rick, if you saw the interview then you should have noticed he and I talking about that. Coach has no problem with it at all. He actually told me that he liked it. I am learning, we all are learning from Coach, that this is supposed to be fun. Go Wolfpack.

Hondo, I really enjoy the website any chance that the show will come up here? Andy-Cadillac

-Stranger things have happened bro. We shall see. Go Vikings!

Hondo, you are an idiot. I hate you, the show and the website. Tom-Brighton

-Does this mean that I should take you off my Christmas card list? Thanks for the note.

Hondo, I think your rants are hilarious, right or wrong I think it is cool that you’re not afraid to speak your mind. Shirley-Holt

-Thanks Shirley, I wish more people gave their opinions rather than try to be PC!