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Spartan Football and Basketball Need To Get Here Sooner

Is it time for Spartan Football yet? The waiting in line to make sure you get a seat along the front wall in the student section, the sun beating down on your back, booing the opposing team as they warm-up on the field, or better yet, cheering on the Spartans to victory. I can’t wait for Spartan Football.

The Spartans open up the season on September 1st with three home games and home games are the best because you can be at the stadium to enjoy the game. If you have the chance to get out to Spartan Stadium to enjoy at least one football game this season I would take advantage of that opportunity. This football season is going to be different, I can just feel it and you are going to want to be there to experience it, I know that I will want to.

But for how much I enjoy Spartan Football, you would find it hard to believe that it is what gets me through the fall to Spartan Basketball. That is the best part of the year. I absolutely love college basketball!

With the incoming freshmen class that Coach Tom Izzo put together, I'm excited to see what they can do. And how about all of the returning players that Coach Izzo has this year. Oh man, I can't wait! This year is going to be outstanding. The Breslin Center is going to be rocking every home game and I know that I’ll be there to enjoy it and you should too. Just like I said about Spartan Football, this is something that you’ll want to enjoy if you get the chance.

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Spartan Football and Spartan Basketball just can’t get here soon enough and I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way. But when September rolls around, I’ll be decked out in green and white every Saturday just like the rest of the Spartan Nation to cheer on the football team to victory!