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Spartan Nation 2007 Pre-Season All American team. Jake Long, OT from UM is the player of the year!


FS:Â Nic Harris, Oklahoma

SS:Â Myron Rolle, FSU

CB:Â Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State

CB:Â Justin King, Penn State

OLB:Â Malik Jackson, Louisville

MLB:Â James Laurinaitis, Ohio State

OLB:Â Keith Rivers, USC

DE:Â Quentin Groves, Auburn

DT:Â Red Bryant, Texas A & M

DT:Â Glen Dorsey, LSU

DE:Â Calais Campbell, Miami, FL

Pre-Season Defensive Player of the year:Â Glen Dorsey, DT LSU


OT:Â Jake Long, UM

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OT: Michael Oher, Ole’ Miss

OG:Â Will Arnold, LSU

OG:Â Herman Johnson, LSU

C:Â Jonathan Luigs, Arkansas

TE:Â Travis Beckum, Wisconsin

WR:Â Mario Urrutia, Louisville

WR:Â DeSean Jackson, California

RB:Â Steve Slaton, West Virginia

RB:Â Darren McFadden, Arkansas

QB:Â Brian Brohm, Louisville

Pre-Season Offensive Player of the year:Â Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas

Pre-Season Player of the year:Â Jake Long, UM

I laugh at all of the people that say I can’t be fair when it comes to the Wolverines. I am a self-admitted Spartan but that has no bearing on how a kid performs. There was a lot of excitement in AA when Henne and Hart returned but true football fans know that the biggest “come back” was from Long. He is big, powerful and strong. He has exceptional footwork, and as good as Joe Thomas was last year with the Badgers (and I think he is a star) Long is better. He is the complete player who loves road-grading people into the ground. 

Long has to have a super season for the Wolverines to get anywhere near the expectations that the fans and pundits have for them this year. I agree that on offense they are among the elite in the nation, but how soon everyone forgets that they lost the heart and soul of the defense and that is what wins championships. Make no mistake that against most of their schedule they will steam roll them. In Ann Arbor however the people want more from this squad than just another good season and Long being the most dominant force on the offensive line in the nation may not be able to compensate for a young defense.   This team will have to outscore opponents; they won’t stuff your mouth and beat you with defense, especially among the elite teams. 

Long is a great kid, but on the football field is as mean as a Mother in Law and loves to punish and hurt people, with no flawes in his game. He could be among the best ever in College Football history if he continues to improve at the rate he has. Long's greatest strength is that he loves to play, and it shows! I watch a lot of film preparing my pre-season rankings and teams and I can tell you that there are a lot of great players in the nation, but Long is head and shoulders (6'7 1/2" and 315#) above them all.