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Spartan Nation 2007 scouting report: Purdue Boilermakers

Spartan Nation 2007 scouting report:Â Purdue Boilermakers

Predicted record:Â 7-5 (4-4)

Projected Big Ten standing: 6th    

Returning Starters:Â OFFENSE:Â 9 DEFENSE:Â 9 Lettermen return:Â 54Â

Head Coach:Â Joe Tiller 8-6 Lifetime 114-79-1

Top assistant:Â DC Brock Spack

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The Boilermakers under Tiller have rejuvenated a program. Last year Tiller lost 5 assistants as he cleaned house (something that his friend JLS was not willing to do to keep his job) and they responded by getting to 8 wins and getting back to a bowl.

This season they add Michigan and Ohio State to the schedule so I don’t see them getting to 8 wins unless they win a bowl game. Tiller runs a wide open attack like JLS did at MSU but he does it with a lot more discipline and unlike his buddy JLS, he can apply game control schemes when necessary.

A strong point on this squad is going to be Curtis Painter. Painter is the big (6’4”) QB that possesses brains and athletic ability. Painter reads defenses very well and should do well now that he has some time under the saddle at QB. If you were looking for things to be critical about with Painter, it was that he at times over used his cannon of an arm. He has touch but he gets excited and can over throw players that are wide open by trying to “muscle” the ball in the gap. He has all the tools to play on Sundays and with him just entering his junior campaign this fall, he has plenty of time to address the touch and strength issues and should materialize into the best QB Purdue has had since Brees.

They have a good kicker who didn’t live up to expectations last season. Summers was a stud in high school but the bright lights of the Big Ten mesmerized him last year. For the Boilermakers to get to the 7 wins I project he will have to improve and I think he will. He has the leg power and the ability, and he came on in spring and looked like a star.

A surprise name that you may want to write down is sophomore Brandon Erwin at the FS. He came in last season as a freshman with no fan fare and with virtually no other real interest from any other big schools and he not only played, he was a huge factor on the defensive side of the ball. He is a kid that likes to lay the wood, and with another year under his belt to get acclimated to the Big Ten, he will be a lot of fun to watch play.

The fans in Boilermaker country are very similar to the fans at Minnesota in that they have really forgot how far Tiller has brought them, like the MN fans did with Mason. The only difference is that the Boilermaker fans have a lot more to offer and they are in a very demanding mood. I think the Boilers are one year away from being very competitive for a top third Big Ten season but all and all I think that getting to 7 wins in the regular season and a possible eighth win with some bowl game help is a fair prognosis.