Spartan Nation 2008 Big Ten Football Scouting Report: Indiana Hoosiers

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Spartan Nation 2008 scouting report:Â Indiana Hoosiers

Biggest Game:Â November 22, 2008 @ Purdue Two years in a row to the biggest rival would make Lynch a God and buy him a lot of time!

Predicted record:Â 6-6 (2-6)

Projected Big Ten standing: 9th  Â

Returning Starters: OFFENSE: 7 DEFENSE: 7  Lettermen return: 50 Â

Head Coach: Bill Lynch 2nd Season at IU Last Season 7-6 Lifetime 44-59

Top assistant: Co DC’s Brian George and Joe Palcic

The Hoosiers had a heroic season dealing with the loss of yet another one of my coaching friends (Randy Walker at NWU the other) and they over achieved. This season they have a decent schedule (No OSU) but they also come off the emotional roller coaster of the last season.

There are off field issues with QB Kellen Lewis, but for the sake of this prediction we will assume he plays. If so I think that IU has a legit shot at being bowl eligible, but I really don’t see them getting much of a bowl with that record other than the Motor City that will always crave a Big Ten school first according to a conversation I had with George Perles who runs it.

This team has to improve defensively. They have the talent to score points, but can they play D? This team proved last season that when they can play D, they could win games. They are not able to win shootouts.

A win at home was huge for Lynch. They head to Purdue this season and although I don’t think it will happen, if they can win that game Lynch will have punched his ticket to an extension and some stability.

Hoeppner (HEPP) was a huge special teams coach and that helped the Hoosiers immensely. Lynch needs to give that side of the ball the attention that Hepp did in order for them to get back to bowl eligibility. It was not as precise and detailed last season, but with all they had to deal with a one time pass is legitimate. Lynch to his credit is not out there lowering expectations. There is nothing that enrages me more than coaches that downplay expectations in order  to puff themselves with success.

He did a superb job of trying to balance the emotions of last season and to his credit, didn’t over hype the death of Hepp. He will forever have my respect for the class he showed in handling it. I don’t think IU gets to 7 wins in the regular season like last, but they will get to bowl eligibility at 6. An upset at Purdue would make this an outstanding season.