Spartan Nation 2008 Big Ten Football Scouting Report: Penn State Nittany Lions

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Spartan Nation 2008 scouting report:Â Penn State Nittany Lions

Biggest Game:Â October 11, 2008 @ Wisconsin

Predicted record:Â 10-2 (6-2)

Projected Big Ten standing: 3rd   Â

Returning Starters:Â OFFENSE:Â 9 DEFENSE:Â 9 Lettermen return:Â 38Â Â Â

Head Coach:Â Joe Paterno 43rd Season at PSU Last Season:Â 9-4 Lifetime:Â 372-125-3

Top assistant:Â OC Galen Hall

The Lions are loaded at almost every position, and they are experienced. PSU has struggled as the uncertainty of Paterno’s remaining tenure has caused recruits to make some tough choices. PSU will always get the kid who grew up loving the school, but the great recruit who isn’t predisposed to PSU has stayed away.

The Lions are very experienced, but they don’t have a lot of great backup talent. If they stay healthy I see them only losing two games. They have a senior QB, but he lacks experience and that is the biggest question on this team.

I have often said that Joe Paterno took a nothing program and built it. He should be allowed to leave when he wants. I find it sad however that he is now hurting the program long term, but he hangs on. PSU is a great program and one man that I continually hear wants the job is Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz. That would allow Wisconsin’s Bielema to return to his Alma matter at Iowa.

Paterno is a legend and his Lions are moving back to a spread offense this season. They will have one of the best and deepest WR groups and that will certainly help an inexperienced QB.

In the spring they lost a very good LB in Sean Hill. That loss however can be overcome at LBU and they will do fine. Paterno’s long time trademark has been special teams and this squad will be the second best in the Big Ten only behind OSU.

You have to hope for a big season for the Lions so Paterno can exit with a big season and still keep his dignity. There is no question that this marriage is heading to a messy divorce if they struggle and he doesn’t leave. Love or hate Paterno (I love the guy) he is PSU football. I don’t blame people for not wanting to see their program fall of, but if he gets to ten wins how much has it really fell off.

If I am PSU, I let the guy take his run as far as he wants. Sadly, scouting reports like this and many others spend more time talking about when he is leaving and that is the problem in a nutshell.