Spartan Nation 2009 Football Scouting Report: Indiana Hoosiers

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Spartan Nation 2009 Football Scouting Report: Indiana Hoosiers

Biggest Game: November 21, 2009 Purdue

Predicted record: 2-10 (1-7)

Projected Big Ten standing: 10th

Returning Starters: 15; OFFENSE 6, DEFENSE 9, Lettermen returning: 49

Head Coach: Bill Lynch 3rd Season at Indiana Last Season: 3-9 Lifetime: 47-68

Top assistant: Co DCs: Brian George and Joe Palcic

Number of Players on the All Spartan Nation Big Ten Teams: Zero!

Analysis: This will be Bill Lynch’s last season at IU, and I predict that the Hoosiers will turn their attention to Mount Pleasant, Michigan for their next coach. Lynch is a great person, but is simply in the wrong place. IU takes a unique coach to win there and he isn’t that.

With fourth year DCs it would be wonderful if they could actually get their kids to play it! IU is a mess. They lack playmakers, and sadly they couldn’t even crack the top of the MAC let alone the Big Ten.
IU’s next coach will tell the fans and the nation if they are serious about football, or only playing it because they have to as a member of the Big Ten. I predict they will go get Butch Jones at CMU. Jones has a proven track record of a winner and recruiter. Jones can compete and win against the Big Ten and others, and he is at CMU. Imagine what he could and would do at IU. He won’t have to compete with the Big Guns of the Big Ten. He is surrounded by the Big Ten and Notre Dame just over the border and has proven he can do it. Jones is a very good evaluator and developer of talent and that is exactly what the Dr. ordered for anyone to succeed at IU.

It would also deliver Jones who is stuck at CMU where he has to be the coach and wear multiple other hats from a school that talks about winning, but certainly doesn’t do all they can to help the coach in my opinion. It would allow Jones who is a Michigan native to remain relatively close to home (he is a Michigan native). With Jones’ proven track record of recruiting with kids that can beat Big Ten teams, it would also allow him to step up to a bigger program and win games which IU presently can’t.

With Lynch either having been fired or it being announced he won’t return, I think they win the final game. That is, of course, the biggest game of the season against Purdue. His kids will rally and play hard, because although he may be in the wrong place, he is a fantastic guy and the kids know that.

Predicted Win/Loss:
1.Eastern Kentucky WIN
2.Western Michigan LOSS Akron LOSS Michigan LOSS
5.Ohio State LOSS Virginia LOSS
7.Illinois LOSS Northwestern LOSS Iowa LOSS
10.Wisconsin LOSS Penn State LOSS
12.Purdue WIN