Spartan Nation 2011 Big Ten Football Scouting Report: Nebraska Cornhuskers

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The Cornhuskers were a great school to add to the Big Ten.

The Cornhuskers were a great school to add to the Big Ten.


Spartan Nation 2011 Big Ten Football Scouting Report: Nebraska Cornhuskers

Biggest Game:Â October 1 at Wisconsin or November 12 at Penn State

Predicted record:Â 10-2 (6-2)

Projected Big Ten Standing: 2nd in the Big Ten Legends Division     

Returning Starters: 12   OFFENSE: 5    DEFENSE:  7      Lettermen return: 53   

Head Coach: Bo Pelini 4th Season at Nebraska     Lifetime: 30-12 

Top assistant:Â OC Tim Beck

I am not a fan of Pelini at all. I think his complaining about how hard and difficult it is at Nebraska is a joke. They have the best fan base in football, and frankly, some of the most knowledgeable fans in the nation. If you can’t be doing back flips in the parking lot everyday after work, you don’t deserve the job.

He is a hot head that makes the University look bad, and in my opinion, the school could do better. Let’s just say that he isn’t Tom Osbourne. In fairness, how many are? Nebraska has a lot of talent. They will win most of their games because of the talent gap. What you haven’t seen yet is a game that you walk away thinking, “Coaching was the difference today.” In my opinion you have seen games where you could say, “Coaching cost us the game today,” but you don’t see Pelini out coaching people.

At one of the top programs in the nation, coaching and talent should put most games away. This is a great school, this is an elite program, and the only thing keeping them from going from good to elite is the head coach. They run a clean program and they are a true compliment to the Big Ten. Let’s hope they keep Pelini. If you have never been to Lincoln, go. It is an amazing site. One game in Lincoln will make you rethink college football. Class is the only way to describe it.

I actually picked two games as their biggest, which is rare for me, October 1 at Wisconsin and November 12 at Penn State. Both games they will be away from the friendly confines of Memorial Stadium, which is a monster advantage. Both times Pelini’s squad will be against better coaches and in tough environments. I think in situations like that, coaching has a lot to do with it, and as stated above, I think coaching is the weak point of this team. If they can somehow win either game, they win the Legends and go to the first Big Ten title game. Pelini will have to earn my respect before I predict anything like that.

September 3 Chattanooga Win

September 10 Fresno State Win

September 17 Washington Win

September 24 Wyoming Win

October 1 @Wisconsin Loss

October 8 Ohio State Win

October 22 @Minnesota Win

October 29 Michigan State Win

November 5 Northwestern Win

November 12 @Penn State Loss

November 19 @Michigan Win

November 26 Iowa Win