Spartan Nation 2011 Big Ten Football Scouting Report: University of Michigan

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Robinson is a young man with incredible talent, but where does he fit in the new offense?  Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.

Robinson is a young man with incredible talent, but where does he fit in the new offense? Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.


Spartan Nation 2011 Big Ten Football Scouting Report:Â University of Michigan

Biggest Game:Â October 15 at Michigan State

Predicted record:Â 5-7 (2-6)

Projected Big Ten Standing: 5th in the Big Ten Legends Division     

Returning Starters: 16   OFFENSE: 9   DEFENSE:  7     Lettermen return: 54    

Head Coach: Brady Hoke 1st Season at Michigan        Lifetime: 47-50 

Top Assistant:Â OC Al Borges

The one coach that I did not want to get the Michigan job was Brady Hoke. I wrote it, I said it on TV, and said it on the radio, when I said at this time last year that M Rod would not be back. I respect him greatly and have nothing but admiration for how he runs a program and the way he takes care of business. He is a class act.

Some will look at the record and think I don’t have the respect that I just said, but those people are looking for something to complain about. Hoke doesn’t have the compliment of players that he needs to do what he does. There is talent, but it is like having a transmission for a Tahoe when you drive an Impala.

Hoke has done a masterful job of doing what ONLY he could have. He has rallied the Wolverines back from the brink of a civil war. They were beat up and tattered, and more importantly, divided like the Hatfield and McCoys as a fan base. They are now united. Just like what MSU went through with JLS, they just endured with M Rod.

Hoke has a very good coaching staff, he can recruit, and frankly, he will have Michigan back to being Michigan in three years. That is fine. I have said I want MSU vs. UM in football to be like UNC vs. Duke in basketball and it is headed there. I have seen some Spartan fans starting to develop the arrogance that we all loathed about the “OLD” UM and that isn’t smart. They are a formidable foe, but the Spartan Nation has become one also.

Because of this staff and Hoke, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if they overachieved and got to being bowl eligible, but they just lack the horses, in my opinion, to do that. I have said before that coaches can make a monster difference and it could happen, I just don’t see it. Hoke is a good man who will run a tight ship. You don’t have to like Michigan, but it is foolish not to respect honorable men and Hoke is one of those.

September 3 WMU Win

September 10 Notre Dame Loss

September 17 Eastern Michigan Win

September 24 San Diego State Win

October 1 Minnesota Win

October 8 @Northwestern Loss

October 15 @Michigan State Loss

October 29 Purdue Win

November 5 @Iowa Loss

November 12 @Illinois Loss

November 19 Nebraska Loss

November 26 Ohio State Loss