Spartan Nation NFL Draft Scouting Report # 7 - Running Backs


Written By Courtney Wills

1. Reggie Bush

Welcome to the NFL Draft Reggie Bush. The most anticipated and powerful player to enter the draft is Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush. Over the past three years at Southern California he has been unstoppable breaking numerous tackles with his unbelievable body control. From freshman year alone, he went from averaging 500 yards per season to finishing with 1,740 yards in his junior season. “The most exciting player to come along since Barry Sanders,” says one AFC scout. “Explosive yet graceful runner who can wow coaches and crowds.”

Bush a 6-foot; 200-pound running back is one who in a blink of an eye is already running down the field tasting that touchdown. Many scouts from Street and Smith’s Pro Football Guide say that Bush is a “once-in-a-generation type of athlete who seemingly gets top speed in an eye-blink.” Bush is a great route-runner and has dominant receiving skills. Bush runs decisively and leaves defenders in their tracks, dry-gasping the air, say analysts.

Even though Bush may not of had a stellar night in the championship game against Texas, he still has an incredible amount of talent and he will prove that talent when drafted within the NFL. Analysts from Sporting News say, “Bush is the best athlete and most dangerous weapon in the draft, a franchise-caliber player who should be the No.1 pick overall.” If Bush can improve his leverage when taking on defensive linemen and bulk up in size, Bush will surely be one of a deadly threat in the pros.

2. Lendale White

Another top running back from the University of Southern California to enter the draft this year is Lendale White. White stunned the country with his amazing and flawless performance against the Texas Longhorns in the National Championship game. Due to Bush being injured early, White was put into the game where he might have had one of the greatest football games of his career.

White a 6-2 foot, 240-pound junior running back is a terrific runner who in the last two years has rushed for over 2,400 yards and accumulated 39 touchdowns. Compared to Bush, White is a “move-the-pile kind of back”. White is a player that uses his instincts well and plays with such authority and power when trying to break tackles and remain balanced. White is able to convert on short-play distances and is able to gain good yardage after initial contact.

If White can develop more breakaway speed, this will definitely help him make big gains with his short-cut moves say Sporting News analysts. “He’s not a fancy type of runner, but he is the best power runner in the draft and appears to have a great chance to be successful at the next level,” says one NFL Scout. Many scouts are predicting that White, cousin of Detroit Pistons player, Chauncey Billups, will definitely by a top-five pick in the 2006 NFL Draft.


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