"Sports Calendars"


Tomorrow begins a date I think many of us have had circled on our calendars for a long time; March Madness. If not literally, I think sports fans have an intrinsic nature to relate times of year to major sporting events.


Like marking a loved one’s birthday, anniversary or maybe even vacation, fans mark March Madness, The Super Bowl, The Masters, etc…


But what makes sports, on the entire level so special is that no two sports fans’ “Sports Calendars” look exactly alike.


Sure we hit on the major points. Most of us have March Madness at the onslaught of spring, but what does yours hold from there.


For me, this will take me to the Masters. Nothing says warm weather like Augusta National. Seeing the beauty of Amen Corner, coupled with the greatest of professional golf talent, it lets me know winter is close to over.


Opening Day for Major League Baseball would be in there for some, but growing up in the Midwest, there’s just something about going to a ball game in April and being colder than the beverage you are holding that just doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll reserve my baseball going trips until June or July.


Next on the “SC” this year, is something many of you may laugh at because it’s the first time I’ve seen it in such a long time. Yes, my beloved Chicago Blackhawks seem to be on the verge of a Playoff birth. Usually I’m limited to watching the NBA Playoffs but hopefully this year I’ll be preoccupied with something else.


What’s great about our personal “Sports Calendars” is the adaptability we all share. One year, your team extends the season, one year they don’t; but rest assured; Sports won’t let you down. If you’re a fan of competition, you’ll find something to entertain you and bridge the gap until the next event.


Continuing on, May 23rd has got a special reservation. That date Spartan Nation’s very own “Sugar” Rashad Evans will put hit Light Heavyweight WFC Title on the line against Quentin “Rampage” Jackson. Only a newcomer to MMA, I must admit, but if you haven’t seen this man fight, do so, and make it part of your regular viewing experience.


Skipping some steps, one of my guilty pleasures takes me from the end of summer into college football season. At the end of August, I hit my tennis US Open stage. It’s something I took a liking to in college and has continued since then. Shamefully I’m a hopeless Andy Roddick fan and try to catch as many of his matches as I can. I’ve even been known to stay op for a 3 am Australian Open match at times.Â


Ah, Fall. Does anything signify it better like walking to Spartan Stadium with the trees burnt red, the wind blowing that brisk cool air, and you’re standing there tailgating waiting for that noon start time.


After that I’m on a whirlwind tour, and its non-stop. Throw in the start of the NFL, Bowl games, the NFL Playoffs and eventually Super Bowl Sunday. I’m pretty much booked from September to February.

Did I mention College Basketball? Oh yeah that’s in my “Sports Calendar” too. After the aforementioned “Sunday” that ranks among Easter, Thanksgiving and Selection Sunday as they only days we can count on to fall on specific designated days, it’s all basketball all the time.


The end of the regular season, transfers to conference tournaments which transfers into March Madness bringing us full circle.


As I mentioned, what’s great about sports is that this is only my “SC”, and yours while similar, probably has differences. For most of us, sports isn’t something we enjoy, it’s something we live. We plan our evenings around games, to make sure we don’t miss a minute of the action. We plan our year around events to signify the end or begin.


And while I’m not a Chicago Cubs fan, I think we can all learn something from them.


If your team doesn’t perform as you had hoped this year, you’re in luck, just “wait ‘til next year!”


Sports Fans, what does your "Sports Calendar" look like each year, and how important is it to you? Click here and let me know. 


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