Sports' Wish List

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It the spirit of the season, I can’t help but think what might some of the athletes and teams be wishing for. Some are reasonable, some are outrageous and some might just surprise you.



Detroit Lions – Obviously it’s a win, but since it looks like not even Santa could pull off this holiday miracle, maybe it would be a good thing if they went 0-16. It’s apparent that the camel’s back has already broken but why not finish in Lion’s style. Just go “defeated” already. Restructuring from top to bottom within the organization needs to happen, and sooner or later, something has got to give.


Former Dallas Stars Forward Sean Avery – Sloppy Thirds? Probably not; but since the Stars and Avery have decided to part ways I’m sure his wish list includes an NHL team to play for. Avery does have some value to teams because of his toughness, so I’m sure he’ll be playing somewhere in 2009.


New York Yankees – The World Series. And with this off-season’s acquisitions, it wouldn’t appear that they need much help. Maybe the only thing they will really be wishing for is that the slumping economy doesn’t effect their ability to make money. They have some hefty salaries to pay for and if the players don’t uphold their end of the bargain, it may be a long season.  


College Football Fans – A tournament style playoff system. With the aforementioned slumping economy, it may be what forces Universities’ hands. I would propose a profit sharing structure among all FBS teams. This would create a fund for all schools that could potentially help several programs in the face of a tough financial situation.


Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Terrell Owens – His wish list includes something along the lines of scientists’ ability to speed up human cloning. With this he could create 10 other Terrell Owens’ and then he could field his own team to play. Owens’ drops back to pass, gets a great block from Owens, launches one down the field to, yep you guessed it, Owens. If this sounds dumb, I’m with you, but with Mr.81 himself anything’s possible.


New York Knicks – They’re saving their wish this year for the 2010 season. They have already dumped a ton of cap room for the possibility of snatching LeBron James when he’s eligible for free agency.  I actually think they may try and make a deal with the man in the red suit. Instead of giving those who haven’t been so good coal, I think they’ll try and give them Stephan Marbury.



Have a great Holiday and meet me on the message board and share some of the items on your team’s wish list.