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The Battle for Michigan's Most Talented Is Heating Up

First and foremost I want to apologize for my recent absence. This time of year gets particularly busy with business functions for me and I had to take a small hiatus from my Spartan Nation duties.

The recent events around the state of Michigan have been most entertaining. Dantonio’s Spartans reach 7-5 and earn a Florida bowl game. Michigan watches as one candidate after another passes on “the best job in college football.” The arrogance just kills me. Michigan appears to be bungling up their coaching hire. They have reached a level only MSU has achieved in past coaching debacles. Thank goodness Mark Dantonio is firmly in place.

As the recruiting season heads into the home stretch, Michigan State looks to upgrade their recruiting class substantially before February. With somewhere between 8-10 scholarships left, MSU must address a few key positions. The lack of offensive lineman in the previous class leads me to believe that MSU may look for early help from the JUCO and prep school ranks and certainly has room for a mature tight end.

Michigan State desperately needs to get more playmakers in the “two deep” at linebacker. Nick Perry certainly has elevated his value throughout the 2007 season. More than one recruiting analyst now considers Mr. Perry the top prospect in the state of Michigan. He would certainly look good next to Greg Jones and Eric Gordon. I think jersey number 48 will be available at season’s end. Nick would look rather intimidating roaming the middle in #48. Michigan State has got to get more playmakers on the field to truly run this Narduzzi defense to perfection. Nick Perry would give Narduzzi the impact player he needs to upgrade the defense immediately.

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At running back, Mark Ingram Jr. appears to be high on the Spartan’s wish list. Alabama received a commitment from top 10 ranked running back Chris Jordan today. Ingram Jr. is expected to visit Alabama soon. Nick Saban’s sales pitch has been his lack of scholarship running backs on the Crimson Tide roster. I wonder if Jordan’s commitment will change Ingram’s interest in Alabama. It is Spartan Nation’s opinion that Ingram Jr. is a player MSU cannot afford to let slip out of state.

As the Michigan coaching search continues to drag on, you have to believe that some of their big recruits are going to waiver soon. It is truly a testament to Michigan football that they have been able to keep their class intact during this debacle. The Michigan brand has incredible staying power in the homes of recruits. Recruits have remained committed to Michigan without a leader while a stable unifying figure like Dantonio builds a Big Ten power right up the road. I believe that Michigan’s arrogance on the hiring front may cost them more than a few recruits. I believe that the gap is about to close rather quickly. Say what you will about Lloyd Carr’s lack of charisma. One thing about old Lloyd, he has been the face of Wolverine football for a long time. Where is Michigan going to be without that honest “Grandpa Carr” mug representing their product? I am hoping that it is firmly behind the Spartans here in the next 3-4 years where it belongs. Just like Michigan bows to Ohio State, they will find themselves as the “big brother” who eventually loses when the “little brother” gets bigger, stronger and faster. MSU football is on the rise. We will celebrate the season in style December 28th.