The BCS Got it Right


Tonight the two best teams in college football will be competing for the National Championship. Again I say, the two best teams in college football will be competing for the National Championship. 


If you’re good at reading between the lines, you’ll notice that means the BCS actually got the rankings right.

While several teams certainly have made cases for their opportunity to play for the title, no team is more deserving than the Sooners and Gators. What always gets lost in the argument is what the rankings actually take into account. 

The rankings are based on a team’s body of work.

Naysayers, tend to go by the head to head matchup as a means for determination. 

For example Texas beat Oklahoma, Oklahoma beat Texas Tech and Texas Tech beat Texas. While this argument has bearings, it doesn’t take into account the other 10 or so other games each team played throughout the rest of the year, and how the outcomes of those games actually determined their individual ranking. 

For some time now I have been a strong supporter of the 8 team playoff everyone has been calling for. It made sense, any given year, there’s clearly more than 2 teams that are more than capable of winning a National Championship.

But as I sat back and watched several of this year’s bowl games, I couldn’t help but think, how would an 8 game playoff actually better determine who is the best team in college football?

Who would be included in this year’s 8 team playoff?

And who, as in this year and in years past would have a right to complain about not being let into the “dance” and which teams would have a valid argument in doing so?

For instance, lets assume there was a playoff this year before the bowl games were played. The 8 choices in my book would have been; Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama, USC, Texas, Texas Tech, Utah and Penn State. For sake of the argument, I don’t think many would have a problem with at least 6 or 7 of the 8 teams chosen.

But there lies the problem, even if we agree on almost all of the teams, we still would have a problem with those left out that probably deserve to be in.

Fast forward a couple weeks and the argument grows even stronger. After an impressive showing versus Texas, does anyone disagree that Ohio State should have been included in a playoff. Or after a serious beating by a second or third tier SEC team by Ole Miss, did Texas Tech’s season warrant a trip to the BCS. A last second win over Texas and a credible victory over Oklahoma State were really the only games of any merit on their schedule. 

Some in fact, may have even left Utah off their 8 team list. But if you haven’t seen enough yet, ask Alabama how their season finished up, and watch the Utes probably finish as the second best team in college football this year. 

Or what happens to teams that probably aren't as deserving but they get in because of a conference championship. Would Oregon State have been included in an 8 team playoff, falling just one game short, and would you have left an impressive USC team out?

With all that said, if you’re looking for me to say that after tomorrow’s outcome, no other team in the I would have picked in my 8 team race was incapable of beating either Florida or Oklahoma you won’t get it. Tonight’s game isn’t a validation for the BCS to solidify a true National Champion.

But before we, and I include myself in that, criticize the current system and jockey for the much praised 8 teams playoff, consider what problems we run into today, and can they be fixed?

Is 8 teams enough, or should it be 10 teams to make room for more deserving opponents or should it be greater or less each year depending on how many teams, fans think have a shot?

So in the mean time, as we are forced to go along with the current system, remember, tonight, based solely on the 2008 body of work, you’re watching the two best teams in the nation compete for their claim for a National Championship, and like it or not, the BSC got it right and pitted the best and second best teams in college football against each other for the crystal football. 

Did the BCS get it right this year in your opinion, click here and let me know what you think?


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