The Governor's Unsung Spartan Award Goes to Devin Pritchett

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Today’s Unsung Spartan award goes onto to Mr. Unsung himself, Devin Pritchett. Devin was in a state of musical chairs under John L. Smith. He could never really find a place to contribute in the old system. In walks Mark Dantonio, out goes the spread offense and leading MSU's "I" formation is Devin Pritchett. Devin is listed as the co-starter along with Andrew Hawken. Today like many other games, Pritchett lead the charge and helped MSU's running game produce gawdy statistics.

Michigan State went to the ground early and often against Indiana. Their success running the football put the game out of reach for the Hoosiers early in the third quarter. Ringer and Caulcrick powered MSU to victory today. They were almost perfect aside from Caulcrick’s third quarter ending fumble resulting in an IU touchdown.

Michigan State has been running the fullback “battering-ram” position by committee. Pritchett has been sharing lead blocking duties with both Hawken and McPherson. My impression of MSU’s three fullbacks is that of all around versatility. Hawken appears to have the ball skills. Pritchett is the battering ram and McPherson is a combination of the two.

I like Pritchett. When MSU needs down hill collisions, Devin delivers. He delivered all game long today. When MSU goes big (two tight ends, a fullback and Jehuu), it sends a shiver down my spine when Devin dots the “I.” You just know someone is going to get blasted and it is most likely going to start with Pritchett and end with Jehuu falling forward.

There is no glory playing the fullback position in a Big Ten offense. Fullbacks rarely carry the ball. Fullbacks never carry the ball when they have two NFL tailbacks in the backfield behind them. This is precisely the situation for Pritchett and company. I admire Devin because he really must enjoy the game of football to give up his body on every play without mention on the stat sheet at the end of the game. When MSU needed a game ending drive to eat the clock and put the Hoosiers hopes away, Devin led the “I” formation over left guard and provided Ringer the wiggle room to keep the clock moving.

Devin won’t show up on a stat sheet at the end of a game. One thing is certain, 300 and some odd rushing yards don’t happen without some serious work in the trenches. The offensive line and the fullbacks deserve some serious credit. It was a manhandling at the point of attack and Devin Pritchett gets “The Governor’s” Unsung Spartan award. Congratulations to you and your teammates Devin, you guys manned up and played Spartan football.