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The Lions have many options with the #2 overall pick! Here are a few:

As Saturday at high noon approaches the Lions are taking a close look at all of their options with the number two overall pick. Here is how it lays out as we speak:

If the Raiders take JaMarcus Russell:
I am as close to 100% confident (wouldn’t that be 99%) that the Lions will trade out. There are many trade options and here are a few of them if they trade.Â


  1. They can work out a deal with the Falcons. Late on Wednesday the Falcons owner Arthur Blank made the decision that he wanted CJ. He informed his staff to “make the deal” according to a source close to the negotiations. This is the deal I like the best. They would pick up several picks and at the 8th overall spot they could select Patrick Willis for sure if no one else moved up and I would doubt they would. He in my opinion and in the opinion of many other NFL people is the best defensive player in this draft and the guy I want.
  2. I also know that the Bucs want CJ but they think the Lions won’t select him. They want to move up but are not willing (as of yet) to make the deal that an Atlanta will at this point. I am in no way saying that the Bucs are out of it, but the Falcons have the motivation at this point. If the Lions make a deal with the Bucs then they would be picking at 4th overall and I think that Thomas or Gaines Adams would be the pick. Gaines if he is there or Thomas if Gaines is gone.
  3. The 49ers also like the idea of adding CJ to a team that has RB Frank Gore and Vernon Davis at TE and Alex Smith at the QB. I don’t think (and neither do others) that the 49ers are willing to pay the price that others are at this point but again they may pony up. If the Lions make a deal with the 49ers then again that would put them in position (allegedly) to select Willis with the acquisition of many picks and the 11th overall being one of them. I am not 100% sure that they can get Willis here and to me, if they move down and do not get Willis, Thomas, or Johnson a deal is not acceptable.Â
  4. The Redskins also have some interest and we all know that Dan Snyder the owner hates for anyone to get press and not him. The Skins have been waving Shawn Springs (CB) in the face of the Lions all spring along with some picks. Unless they really step up I don’t see them having enough ammunition to get in the fight. If they Lions were to trade with the Skins, they would have to get players and picks because the Skins don’t have very many picks. If the Lions slide down to six, they would probably miss Gaines Adams and Joe Thomas so it is my opinion that if they move to six or lower that they will take Patrick Willis.  Â
  5. The Broncos have made no secret that they would also love to move up but it would take a lot. They have offered already a bevy of picks but one of them is a first next year and I just don’t think that is what the Lions want. Sure they would love the extra one next season but the amount of this years picks they would want isn’t there. I see this one as not feasible. If it happened the Lions would need to have a deal in place to move back up with another team.
  6. I know that the Cowboys have called but this has really no legs at this point. Like Snyder Jones love the publicity and with Parcells gone they can go back to stupid draft moves.
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If the Lions can’t trade the pick:
Then I think they will select Calvin Johnson, and I like that pick. Then the teams like the Bucs that don’t think the Lions will actually select him will have to have a bidding war like the Chargers did with Eli. If no one step’s up, then what is the worst result? You are “stuck” with the player that all 32 teams feels is the best in the draft? That certainly is a punishment. Travel back in time with me and think about this. What were the Lions best years with Barry Sanders? When they had the huge receiving game. Can you even think for a second with CJ and Roy and Furrey what that does for a running game? If you think the O line is an issue (and I do) then think about no teams being able to put eight in the box? Remember what Martz had with the Rams and what this would do for them now.

If Calvin Johnson is off the board:
They will then try to trade the pick to a team that wants a QB but I don’t see it happening. Believe it or not they have actually had at least one team call to address that situation so it is not at all out of the question, but I don’t think it is a probability to happen. If he is gone I think they will use the pick on Gaines Adams. If they have to use the pick then I would take Joe Thomas but it isn’t my draft it is theirs.