The Spartan Nation Family of Services is Growing. We Are Proud to Announce the Launch of: Spartan Nation Magazine! Coming January of 2009!

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The Spartan Nation Family of Services is Growing. We Are Proud to Announce the Launch of: Spartan Nation Magazine coming January of 2009!

That is right, we started out as a website that served as an aggregate of information for the Spartan Nation and we have grown leaps and bounds. Spartan Nation now includes commentary, video, a message board (The Phalanx Forum) and today we announce the arrival of Spartan Nation Magazine to our growing portfolio of services.

Just like every other service it will be totally free and will include postage anywhere in the United States. We will not offer service out of the country (via mail) unless you are in the military. If you are, we will gladly pick up the additional postage as a very small way of saying thanks for serving our country. Here is some interesting information about the new magazine.


  • Free! No hidden costs or fees.
  • I have hired many different professional writers who will contribute incredible articles.
  • Expert and professional editing! That’s right critics, Hondo has an editor!
  • The content of the magazine will NOT be available on You must subscribe to get this great premium content.
  • If you prefer (although I don’t mind writing the check for postage) we can e-mail the magazine to you in PDF form.
  • We will NEVER sell or share your information to anyone. NEVER! It will only be used to mail or e-mail your magazine.
  • We have an extensive group of talented and gifted writers (many of whom you are familiar with from other respected magazines and papers) who will write for the Magazine.
  • Each month you will get in depth Spartan football and basketball articles.
  • Get the latest recruiting interviews and information, each month!
  • Each month will have a special “Where are they now” article about great Spartans from the past.
  • Each month there will be an in depth interview with a current member of the Spartan Nation athletic family.
  • Find out about various Spartan Clubs and gatherings from all over the nation.
  • On top of the articles that you can count on each month, you will get various other great articles and information that all focus on the Spartan Nation.
  • 12 Magazines each year!
  • We are at all the games. We truly have insider information with each and every free magazine along with all of the other Spartan Nation family of services.
  • With Spartan Nation Magazine we take you with us on the Spartan journey… on the field, in the locker rooms, in the living rooms and around the family tailgate. Spend your hard earned money on your family, not on services that we offer for free!

Since the inception of the website years ago we have never spent a dime on advertising. Not a dime. You folks have graciously told your friends and family about us. We thank you for that. All we ask is that you continue to tell all the Spartans in your sphere of influence about our latest and greatest offerings as well as our already existing services!Â

In a few short weeks we will announce how you can sign up via the free subscription service. Until then, thanks for reading the site, watching the videos and using the message board. We look forward to bringing you Spartan Nation Magazine. Please make it a point this month to tell your friends about Spartan Nation and all the services we offer.

Others will attack us for offering yet another free service and that is fine. We have a love for the Spartan Nation and in tough economic times, you can look forward to a monthly magazine arriving and not another bill. Don’t pay people for what you should get for free: The Spartan Nation Family of services. Produced by people who love the Spartan Nation, for people who love the Spartan Nation!