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The Stark Truth Is A Good Read, And It’s About Sports Too!

During the summer, it’s the time when I can get away from things. But being in college, and that it’s my last summer of no classes and four months of freedom, I better take advantage of it. But every once in a while (trust me, not too often) I don’t mind reading a book that’s NOT school related. I got really lucky with this one and found a book that I recommended to many people to get for their fathers for Father’s Day. It’s called The Stark Truth: The Most Overrated and Underrated Players In Baseball History by Jayson Stark. Jayson Stark is a senior writer for so some would say he knows his stuff.

The Stark Truth is a great book because it really makes you think. Stark did not write the book to prove people wrong. He wrote the book to spark debates and he even states that in the introduction. He’s not saying that he’s 100 percent right in what he says because he knows that people will have different opinions and that’s not a bad thing. Like he makes clear in the beginning of the book, it’s only to spark debates and make you think.

The book lists, in Stark’s opinion, the top five overrated and underrated players are at each position. He goes through the catchers, outfielders (right, center, and left), first, second, third, and shortstop. But when he gets to the pitchers, he lists the five for lefties, righties, and relievers. Don't worry, Stark did not leave out the guys who don’t play defense. He also went through the top five overrated and underrated designated hitters as well.

Now I don’t want to spoil anything about the book because that’s what makes the book fun. I liked going through to see who Stark thinks is overrated and underrated at each position. But I will give some hints as to who some of the players that are on the list. One of the players that is on the underrated list for left-handed pitchers is a guy that a lot of people in America are not aware of the fact that he was a pitcher. When you look at his stats from when he played, they are unbelievable and for people not to know that he was a pitcher is crazy. There are some Detroit Tigers on the lists, some from more recent decades, while others are from decades ago. But like I said, that’s what makes this book fun, to read through it all and see who fell where on the lists.

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So go to the nearest store and pick up The Stark Truth by Jayson Stark. It is not expensive at all. I was surprised at how cheap it was and that’s why I bought it as soon as I did. It is a great book and very fun to read. I hope everyone enjoys it.