Tony Guastella gives out some love in his weekly blog:


The San Antonio Spurs deserve better. They just got done winning their fourth NBA Title in the last nine years. The problem is that all I see when I watch coverage of this was how Lebron didn’t play they way he could have and how the Spurs should have lost to the Suns in the second round.Â

I say so what if two of the Suns top players weren’t available for the most crucial game of their series. Maybe next time Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw will remember that the rules in the NBA state that any player who leaves the bench area during an altercation will automatically be suspended for 1 game. Maybe people will start to realize that not only did Bruce Bowen play GREAT defense on Lebron James throughout the series, but the entire Spurs team made crucial adjustments when anything would start going Cleveland’s way. And all of those adjustments started with one man.Â

Greg Popovich is the best coach in the NBA. By far. Jerry Sloan has been with the Jazz longer, but Pop’s has 4 titles. Phil Jackson has more titles. Pops has done it with 4 different teams, and none of them would be considered by many people to be the best player in the game. Greg Popovich has done more with less talented players in the last 9 years than any coach. Sure, he had The Big Fundamental to build around (and for the record, there isn’t one player in the NBA that I would rather have on my team) but for him to find the exact right pieces to fit around Tim took a great eye for talent, not just here in the USA but all over the world as well.

The Spurs international scouts have to be the best in the NBA. To have one player in Tony Parker become a finals MVP and another in Manu Ginobli be one of the main contributors on three championship teams must mean they have a great eye for talent. But to be able to throw in guys like Rasho Nesterovic, Nazr Muhammed(sorry Piston fans), Fransisco Elson and the big bust Glenn Robinson it shows that the organization as a whole knows exactly what they’re doing.

So here I am telling you sports fans, watch the Spurs, as boring as it may be, because they are the last of a dying breed in the NBA if the commish has anything to do with it. The NBA is trying to focus more on individual players to promote the game, and being able to watch a TEAM win a championship and become a dynasty is as remarkable as anything in the NBA in the past 20 years.

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