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On the progress during the OTAs: "I've been really excited about it. We've had really, two good practices. What I'm seeing is the pace and the tempo is outstanding. It's not good enough yet - it's not what I want. But it's the pace, the work; I've been very encouraged so far."

Whether he will do anything differently since the grievance and whether he has met with the players to discuss it: "Not really. We just have business as usual and we've kind of put that behind us and we've moved on."

On whether he's talked to anybody at all in the process of putting it behind them: "We just have our team meetings and we take care of business in the team meeting - then we move on."

On the status of DT Dan Wilkinson, LB Boss Bailey and LB Teddy Lehman: "Well, the two guys (Bailey and Lehman) are still working. They're out here on bikes. So it's just kind of a day-by-day process. Matt [Millen] is working with Dan."

On when he expects to get Bailey and Lehman back on the field doing football drills: "We'll probably be very smart in terms of all the team work, but hopefully - I couldn't really answer that to give you an honest answer. It's just they're working, they're on bikes, they're on treadmills, they're jogging, they're doing some of those things right now. So it's kind of a day-to-day process right now."

On whether they will be ready for training camp: "That's our goal. That's what we hope is going to happen for us and we'll just kind of monitor their progress as it goes."

On LB Boss Bailey being a middle linebacker: "We'd like to look at him still at the middle and the 'will,' looking at both spots. You just don't want to lock guys in yet. Let's see how they work and do some of those things but, I mean, he could be a guy we could look at as the 'mike' backer position."

Whether he will put a learning curve on since he has never played that position before: "Well, the learning curve would be the way we play our "will" position which also may be different for him. We think it would work out - there's a lot of carryover within the system. So we think athletically he'd do a heck of a job. So let's get him back here on the grass first and see how it goes."

On the strong-side linebacker: "Well, you mean our 'sam' back, we've got Paris Lenon working in there, we could have Teddy Lehman working there; a bunch of guys have the opportunity to just start looking at that position. The three backers: we have a "sam," a 'mike' and a 'will.' So you've got Ernie [Sims] working at it, Alex [Lewis] working at it, Boss [Bailey] still knows the 'will,' then Teddy is going to learn the "mike" also, he can also learn the strong-side linebacker, so we're just trying to get guys in as many different positions, learn the positions, let them compete and then try to fill it in where the best guys will play."

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On whether there comes a time when you have to make a decision on DT Dan Wilkinson: "Matt's kind of been the lead on all of this for me. He'd do a better job of answering that than I would."

On Wilkinson in regards to the team standard he sets for all his players: "Oh yeah, you'd love to have every guy here all offseason. That's the goal. That's what you'd like. Guys working in voluntary mini-camps and OTAs and everything, yeah, that's the perfect world. Yes you would."

On what has impressed him most about the guys he has here: "In terms of what they're doing? You know, what I'm starting to be very encouraged at is the day-to-day consistency that I'm looking for. Each day we come out with a high level of intensity and the work and the details; we're throwing a lot of information at them right now and they're absorbing it and doing the best they can; making some mistakes here and there but that's been impressing me. I think these guys are really, really excited about football and I feel that and now it's just a day-to-day grind. Its show up and do our job each day."

On wide receivers Mike Williams and Charles Rogers: "Good - even just their day-to-day work. They're here sprinting down the field and trying to get to the spot they're supposed to get to. The biggest thing here is, again, its how much information can you give these men; how many tools can you give them so when they get to camp they have some tools in their toolbox to go to work. And that's what you're constantly giving them: information, the details of your position and the tempo we want to play at each and every day. And then start building habits of consistency and hope we can be able to take that into camp with us."

On how much catch-up T Jeff Backus has to do: "A lot. It's a lot. There's a lot of information we've put in and then just little detail things; maybe how [Offensive Line Coach Larry Beightol] will teach a guy to set might be differently than he's set before, so that's why it's just great to have him here right now. He's in here and just working and getting some individual work, classroom work, so now we'll be able to hopefully get him caught up in the next five weeks."

On whether Backus is okay physically: "He's a little bit limited right now; he's just doing some individual work. The biggest thing is just mentally, the process of just starting to become better."

On how the quarterbacks are doing absorbing the new offense: "It's a lot; some days will be better than others. It's the volume that we put in and then the defense will match it with the volume. They're working - the coaches are tough on these guys. That's the thing that I've been really impressed with: (the players) trying to be coachable and learning. I've been excited so far."

On what the more difficult parts of the offense are: "Some days we might put in a heavy blitz day and things are coming from all different directions at you and you haven't seen that amount of pressure. Then the next day, 'BAM,' you're right on top of it. They're adjusting and doing some of those things pretty good. It's a process. Then it's the pace that chews these guys up a little bit. They've been on it. They've done a heck of a job."

On how the coaches are meshing as a staff: "I think really good; the best thing about it is I think when we hit the field, it's awesome, it really is. These guys love football. There's all of these different personalities and all that but when they get on this 'grass' they're exceptional teachers - really good teachers. That was my goal. They're strong; they're demanding. When that's in place, everything else works. If that's not in place, nothing works in my opinion. You can be buddy, buddy, but if it's not good on the field then it doesn't count."

On whether he gives the coordinators a lot of leeway to how they teach: "The biggest thing that I hit is that I want the fundamentals (taught). I grind on that: how we do things every day; how we teach things. Each guy has his own personality on how he teaches. I don't want to regiment somebody in how you teach. Its' what you're putting in; what are you demanding and then are we getting what we're demanding. That comes off of the daily tape."