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On what he's looking for in interior defensive lineman: "The guy has got to be stout at the point, tough, (have) technique and all of those things. He's also got to have good movement. The guy I had in Tampa was good - (Chris) Hovan, who was a three and then went to a one-technique. It is the good movement, the speed and the great conditioning. Shaun Cody is a good young, 310-312 pound kid who can really move. He's not just holding the point in a one-gap system. He's got to be a good rusher and he's got to be able to play the field laterally; how we play blocks, getting over the top and some of those things."

On whether small, more athletic tackles fit best into that spot: "No, no. I had Daryl Russell with me for a while. I coached Daryl in college and I had him in Tampa for a little bit. Daryl was big, he's 345 pounds but he had great feet, great movement and pad level."

On whether its' more about athleticism than size: "Yeah - and balance. Balance has always been a key for me. You need good balanced guys who can stay on their feet."

On the tempo of the OTAs: "You have to see the game through practice - the speed that you're playing with; the tempo, the speed, the recognition. I've got two speeds: a walkthrough speed and practice speed. I try to have no in-between grey area there. It's about speed, hands, hand placement, tempo and how we play. It's the urgency. When you're doing this, you get off the field faster. We had a great period today where we had like 24 reps in a period and we're actually finishing that (period) in like 17 minutes."

On how the mini-camp next week will be different from the OTAs: "Maybe we'll get an extra two periods - that's about it. It's all the same really. The tempo is going to be the same, the pace is the same. Nothing changes, it's all the tempo that we're looking for."

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On whether DT Dan Wilkinson was released to make a statement: "No. I was saying the other day, he's a heck of a player but we've got some really good young players too. Cody is a second-round pick; (we have) Marcus Bell and Damian Gregory; all those guys are up-and-coming guys working hard. I see some real upside to those guys right now, very young guys, very athletic guys."

On whether they're looking to add anybody else to that position: "Right now, we've got six tackles; three 'unders' and three 'noses.' I feel really good about that. Then some other guys can shift in and out. We're kind of three-deep right there. I like all of them right now. We've just got to work with what we have, get them better. We've got some youth in there and some real good quickness so we know we've got to develop them."

On whether they would be interested in DT Warren Sapp if he were available: "I can't comment on that - because he's not (available)."

On the development of the offensive line: "The o-line coaches are doing a great job, they really are - fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. It's going to be a nice group. I'm really excited about it. There's a nice blend of veterans in there and some tough guys with good experience. This is all talk. It's easy to talk. Now we just need to make sure we're walking the talk. I like the work that we're doing."

On where they anticipate playing LB James Davis: "He could be a strong-side and a weak-side (linebacker) depending on the formation. If it's a 4-3 look, he's on the open-end bubble. If it's an under-front, he's on the tight end. The weak-side, inside travels all of the time with the three-technique so he's always covered. The bigger, stouter guy is either a bubble guy or on the tight end."
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