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Transcript Of Rod Marinelli's Post Practice Comments on Friday:

On the rotation of players in Sunday's game against the Bengals: "We'll decide the rotation tomorrow morning. All of the coaches hand it in, and that's what we do. It'll be a little bit more than last week - eight, 10 snaps more than a week ago for the first unit. You're looking at probably 18 to 22 snaps. Sometimes the game dictates more or less. If you get some three-and-outs real quick and you're out, you say 'that's enough.'"

On giving the starting offensive linemen more playing time in Sunday's game: "I think so, just because of the numbers we're at, just where we're at number-wise."

On if he wants the linemen to get more experience cutting: "That's all part of it for us, yes."

On which players won't be playing on Sunday: "Dean (Kleinschmidt) is here (to tell you), but I know S Daniel Bullocks won't and TE (Dan) Campbell, he's got a slight hamstring pull."

On whether WR Shaun McDonald will play against the Bengals: "He should be ok. There's one more guy (that will be out), Dean will get you."

On if DT Cory Redding, LB Ernie Sims and G Edwin Mulitalo will play: "Yeah."

On if he's happy with the defense he has this year compared to last year: "I really am. I mean, our secondary is drastically improved. These guys have been in this system. The big thing in this thing is they're playing it very well. We've got some good ball-skills back there. We're just fitting things right now. This game is going to check the oil on our defense this week. They - not so much in the passing game - they are a good passing team, but they are physical tackle-to-tackle. You couldn't ask for something better for us. We need to line up against them - that's a huge line. Our quickness has got to be there and our pad level and our gap control. But, so far, they're playing the system, and when you play the system and you understand it, you really play fast."

On getting pressure on the quarterback and trying to create turnovers: "No doubt about it. This will be a challenge for us; this guy QB (Carson Palmer) gets it out quick. If it comes out quick, what he can't do is look here and look there. That's all on the front. The front's got to force that ball out on the first look so the back seven can break. This will be a challenge; we've got to rush him.

On getting more from the running game: "All I'm going to tell you is this: we'll call it and we're going to keep working at it. Every game, we want more, we've just got to lining it up and pushing it."

On if he has been impressed with the development of LB Jordon Dizon: "Yeah, he's instinctively just learning. He'll make some really nice splash plays, he's got that ability. So, this guy's going to help us."

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On if making big plays can overshadow mistakes that a player will make: "Splash plays do that and not just for young guys. Any guy you can say, 'Wow he had a great game,' in the papers. But when you look at the grade, he's about 30 percent. But, splash plays help you win, too."

On whether the receivers will stay in as long as the other offensive starters: "We're going to talk about that part of it. It's possible they may not."

On what new CB Leigh Bodden has done to learn the system: "He has really picked this stuff up fast. One - he's a big man, but what he really can do is intercept the ball. This guy has got great ball skills; he really does. He's (a) really good man coverage guy. He's learning to play (Tampa) 2 very well."

On LB Buster Davis improving his consistency: "He's just progressing along. This is where the (preseason) games help us right now. We just keep pushing what we're doing in practice. We have three really physical days, so now you want to see guys that can take that physicalness and those details and put it into a preseason game."

On whether Davis will get the majority of the snaps after the starters are done: "We're going talk about that more in a bit. They're going to both get - well, we have to because it's a long game, and you don't want anybody taking 50 snaps. I'd prefer not to, unless we have to."

On what he has seen thus far from LB Leon Joe: "You know what? In that first game, he really tackled well. He hustled, tackled - he had six tackles in the game or something like that. (He's) a very physical guy. Very physical. So we'll keep working."

On whether he has the rotation for the next game figured out: "We're going to meet tomorrow on that. It's going to be a few more snaps than we had last week for the offense. I think they had 13-to-15, something like that. So they'll see like 20, in the 20's I would think."

On if K Jason Hanson will miss Sunday's game: "Yes."

On whether linebackers are doing more sled work this year than last year: "No. It's all the same. Everything's the same. No, we work on that hand control on the side."