Two-time loser, gets a third chance. He will fail this time also!

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Two-time loser, gets a third chance. He will fail this time also!

In case you had no clue, Bill Parcells said to heck with the Cowboys and the plastic surgery poster child Jerry Jones. Not wanting to deal with T.O. and all of the other crap that comes with coaching the Boys’ he is retired and they had to look for a new coach. Hiring an offensive coordinator before a head coach is just stupid, and in the end two time fired head coach Wade Phillips took the gig. He was so desperate for a head coaching job again after being such a failure before (according to reports) that he took the job knowing that he wasn't going to get to assemble his own staff. The future head coach and current offensive coordinator is already in place! 

Is there any wonder why so many people (among which I am one) scream about the lack of opportunity for young and minority coaches? How can this be? How can a failure, a retread like Phillips get the job over a Ron Rivera? There are many more but that point is futile.Â

Jerry Jones didn’t want a head coach he wanted a puppet. My suggestion? Go see a plastic surgeon and see if he can sew on a pair Jerry, then you can do what you want and name yourself head coach.

Your fans deserve better then you. By the way, Dallas will not win a Super Bowl with Wade Phillips but Jones doesn’t care as long as he pulls the strings. This is a farce. It is a joke and it is an embarrassment to the NFL.

Wade Phillips dad was a famous coach with a great nickname: Bum. Sadly his son in my opinion and his new owner are that in real life: bums!