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The human SUHnami should have a major impact on the NFL's worst defense.  Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.

The human SUHnami should have a major impact on the NFL's worst defense. Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.

Lions’ fans had to be excited with the play of their new DT Suh this weekend. The DL looked much improved against the Steelers#1 OL and the Steel men made it a point to double team Suh all night. That alone opens so many new doors for the Lions. Some teams will gamble and not double-team him and that is when the best player in the 2010 draft has to punish them.


As I watched the Bengals this weekend I couldn’t help but shake my head that J.T. O’Harrington still has a job in this league. That means my buddy Greg Martin from Westphalia can wear his Joey Harrington nightie…err…jersey and play. Trust me when I say this, Greg would be better.


Tim Tebow has a lot of good things that make the scouts I know and myself confident that he will be a good pro. One Bengal told me this morning, “Dude is built like a backer (linebacker) and is a lot bigger in person. He will do big things.”


The Lions’ offense did well, when they weren’t playing the #1s of the Steelers. They have a lot of weapons, but I am not sold. I think the front seven on D are better, but more poor play from Backup…I mean Backus…showed us that without a true NFL LT they can’t take the next step, which is a .500 team. 


Vikings players expect Favre back. There isn’t even concern. I can tell you this; Jackson is the guy if Favre backs out. Sage is not a real popular guy in the land of the Vikings and Jackson at least has support from the players.


Jahvid Best showed why the Lions fell in love with him. When he gets into space he can do so much. Unfortunately for him and the Lions, he has to do a lot more than get to the outside, like having to run between the tackles. If he can do that he could be the best back in Detroit since Barry. Unfortunately for him, that is a monstrous IF.


Brady Quinn could soon be regulated to third string in Denver. This once labeled by the Notre Dame bias media as Can’t Miss Player is a major flop. His teammates prefer Tebow, and Kyle Orton is rocking it. Hey Brady, how is that Schematic Advantage Weis gave you working out?


Invitations were sent out this weekend to all of you who played in one of the many Spartan Nation fantasy football leagues last year. Wednesday at 11 PM, if you haven’t renewed your team from last year, your team is not saved for you. We will open it to others. MEMO: Check your email people!


I felt bad for Sam Bradford. Well OK, bad for a guy making $50 million to be a tackling dummy. Just like the Lions, the Rams failed to accept that all that money in a QB without an offensive line is dumb. If you think he is your guy, take him, but don’t put him out there so he can get killed, be put on the injured list, and spend your money in Tahiti while you are playing.

Aaron Rodgers is getting a lot of attention. People are riding high on him and what he can do. I see far too many holes in the D and if Favre does come back, then in my best voice from Buddy the Cake Boss: Forget about it!


I am feeling it for the Eagles. Donovan was a huge distraction in Philly, and the birds have the makings of what could be a very good football team. They need some help, and I am not predicting it, but I could see several scenarios in which they win their division.


Is it safe to say that I am waiting with distinct sense of glee to see someone bull rush and decimate Jimmy Clausen? There is no doubt he has the tools, but not the agility to be a top tier QB in the NFL. I am watching and if you hear a giddy noise that sounds like a schoolgirl and a new multi pack of varying colors of lip-gloss, that is probably from me when he gets smashed.


Do you think I have issues with Notre Dame QBs? I don’t, just those two.


The Forty-Niners are one of those teams that will be great or horrible in 2010. There will be no middle ground. I love Singletary. I vote for the higher ground.


Say what you want about the Cowboys Jerry Jones. Players who play for and HAVE played for love the guy. As an owner he sure does a great job of player relations.


Was I the only one freaked out by seeing Donovan McNabb in a Redskins uniform? I am used to players jumping ship. It just seemed strange.


Speaking of beloved people, how about Rex Ryan. One Jets player said it best this week when he told me, “I would do anything for that guy. He is a players’ coach and a hard a**.” Now for the record I wouldn’t call any man over 300 pounds a hard A**. I am a man who weighs 300 pounds and trust me here. I am using the Billy Madison voice, “I know.”