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Pete Carroll lost a ton of credibility with his comments after the NCAA hammered USC. One NFL team executive told me, “In this league you can’t try to [B.S.] players. That answer was [B.S.] and he lost a lot of ground.”


A few weeks ago in this column I told you that I expected Wes Welker to be the best Pats WR in 2010. After reading the reports out of MA this week does anyone doubt that he can do it?


Aaron Rodgers, the Packers QB, is interesting to a lot of people around the league and myself. He had a great 2009 campaign, but there are subtle signs the pressure is building around him. This will be his breakout year hopefully, because if last year was his ceiling (and some are starting to question that as a real possibility), Packers’ fans won’t tolerate it. As long as Favre is around and beating them, Rodgers is under the gun.


Vince Young has more problems. This troubled youngster seems to be his own worst enemy. The latest developments are sad, albeit not unexpected. He just can’t stay out of the negative limelight.


Hey Cardinals fan: If Matt Leinart is your starting QB in 2010 and that is a big if, don’t buy playoff tickets. At least teams got some serious starts out of Leaf. 


The Cards are kicking the tires on Brunell, McCown and Bulger. I wonder if there is any help there?

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If you missed my radio show interview with Jets S Eric Smith this week, you missed a good one. Smith isn’t a braggadocios kind of guy, but he sure put playing for Rex Ryan in perspective. I have told you many times the players love the guy and he is an all out effort coach. 


Albert Haynesworth to the Vikings seems like a good way for both parties (DC and Albert) to save face and end this stand off. Will a parting of the ways happen? It sure seems like it will and the Vikings are playing this smart. The Skins know they want him and they know they won’t overpay. I said when I was a guest for Sirius Football Heads that Vikings fans need to applaud how their team has been all over. They haven’t been able to pull the trigger because they are being smart, but sure are in on almost everything.


If the season started today, Jake Delhomme would be the starter in Cleveland. He knows the system and the playbook and has shown Cleveland coaches why his previous team put millions into him. Delhomme is a great guy, but the change of scenery has helped. With his tutelage, it only makes future star franchise QB Colt McCoy all that better.


Louis Delmas says the Lions are a playoff team. I love the kid and I love the bravado. Kitna said the same thing. Youth is awesome, but had he done his homework, it might have been better to say nothing. He is a star and it will take 50+ men with his effort. I am not sure if the Lions have that many effort guys…yet. 


The Jaguars think that the Patriots may have been on to something last year. When undrafted free agent Brian Hoyer (MSU by the way) played so well in camp, they spent the year with only two QBs on the 53-man roster. They now are seriously thinking about copying them. Memo to the Jags, you are not the Patriots.


Chiefs fan: Croyle. Brodie. Remember the name. From everyone I have spoken to, he looks amazing. Please be advised football is played in pads and not in seven on seven drills.


Kyle Orton has been anointed the Broncos starter. Tim Tebow and the big wad of cash in his back pocket, as a first round pick and the fan favorite that he is, stands as the heir apparent. So how is life for Brady Quinn?